Feng Shui Exposed Workshops: Learn to Feel Feng Shui

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Experiencing Feng Shui in a raw heritage environment. Exposed and just letting the layers of energy speak, like music rippling…

Becoming Rather Than Being: How Feng Shui Can Help You Through The Process

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‘Becoming rather than Being’ is the new Hero. Becoming please take a bow.

How to Use Feng Shui to Manifest Your Intentions

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The Feng Shui 3 layers Heaven, Man and Earth are a constant aspect I talk about. The reason being if…
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How to be in your Element: Get Grounded with Feng Shui

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Where is your grounding mechanism? Is the ocean your happy place or do you feel centered on land? This is…

Autumn’s Energetic Shift: Where Does It Affect You?

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What is the Autumn Equinox and why is it a marker for you energy wise? The Equinox marks the time…

Want a Vibrational Shift? Use The 5 Feng Shui Elements

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Feng Shui Elements are vitamins in action. Awakening, strengthening, and reinforcing the properties that each individually resonates. Think of them…

Want More Understanding and Clarification?
Tune Into The Element of Air

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Feng Shui's Air Element offers opportunities for personal growth to those ready to harness it's properties.
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How to Slay Your Goals With Feng Shui

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There are two key steps you must take to activate your goals with Feng Shui 1 - Journal your goals…

Everything is Always Changing

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One thing that remains constant and that you have some control over is your living environment. This is regardless of…
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How to Use Light Effectively In Your Feng Shui Home

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Dream maker you: Let the Light Shine in Feng Shui always targets the Front Entry as a primary energy source.…

The Element of Fire

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The Element of Fire Here in the midst of our Southern Hemisphere Winter we are drawn to the warmth of…

How To Feng Shui When Other People Live Here Too

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We are not alone so the challenge is getting everyone on the same page. Our homes resonate energy and understanding…

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