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How to Slay Your Goals With Feng Shui

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There are two key steps you must take to activate your goals with Feng Shui 1 - Journal your goals…

Everything is Always Changing

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One thing that remains constant and that you have some control over is your living environment. This is regardless of…
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How to Use Light Effectively In Your Feng Shui Home

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Dream maker you: Let the Light Shine in Feng Shui always targets the Front Entry as a primary energy source.…

The Element of Fire

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The Element of Fire Here in the midst of our Southern Hemisphere Winter we are drawn to the warmth of…

How To Feng Shui When Other People Live Here Too

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We are not alone so the challenge is getting everyone on the same page. Our homes resonate energy and understanding…
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Showing Up Outcomes

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We are multi-sensory beings and use just a small portion of our gifts. This is why I love Metaphysics, there…
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What Do You Genuinely Want In Your Life?

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There is no denying it. With Feng Shui, you need to ask yourself some big questions.

Showing Up

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2021 has arrived. Are you ready with a new vision for your life? What do you want to be in…
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Cosy Up: Find The Perfect Planning Spot That Energises You

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Winter is the time to find that warm spot and curl up with a book. Or better still, a pen…
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Feng Shui Success Is Just A Change Away

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You've got a big list of wants. And you want to see instant results. But if you don't achieve a…

Morning Earthquake

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This morning’s earthquake was a wakeup call in more ways than one. When the ground moves, we feel vulnerable and…
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We Are All Connected

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We are all connected and it’s time to look differently at two big things: how we relate to each other…

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