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The Feng Shui 3 layers Heaven, Man and Earth are a constant aspect I talk about. The reason being if you get one of these layers harmonised it ripples through and syncs with the other 2 layers. This can take the hard analysing out of the process of alignment.

Heaven Man and Earth provide the process for you to bring your intentions to life. So this week I’ll walk you through how the three layers provide a step-by-step process for you to use Feng Shui to manifest your intentions.

Let’s start with Intention

We make Intentions for our life and write down what we want to change. This isn’t difficult – we have no issue expressing ourselves. This is our Man layer, our thinking self, our feeling self.

So why do your Intentions often not materialise?

Perhaps it is a wish and needs more layers of vibrational information to bring it into reality.

So how can I do this?

Write down your question / issue – make it meaningful and to the point.

Next you need to make your Intentions  materialise

This is the How. First thing needed is to change your thinking around the How word. Brainstorm this.

Perhaps you need to position yourself so your Intention can be seen and heard – put it out there.  Alternatively, physically change your appearance and become vibrationally what you want to attract. Don’t wait for it to come to you. It rarely works that way.

This is the Heaven layer and it’s all about timing. Spatial timing is when planetary alignment can support your Intention. We have no control over this stage. Just hold our head up high and set your Intentions in motion, wait see what manifests for you.

Next step be grateful!

Now this is the hard part, but reword your Intention to read more like you have received your Intention.

How does this make you feel? Celebrate your breakthroughs.

Kindness is key

Finally, be kind to yourself. Wobbly self-esteem often shows up at this point. Just let go of the ‘why me’ self-talk.

Kindness is the key, put it out there to the Cosmos and be grounded by your environment – the mighty Earth Layer.

Notes to help guide you

Sound travels

Believe your Intentions are in motion. The Cosmos is about timing. Aligning your Intentions and You (your personal astrology) vibrationally with planetary synchronicity.

Trust in perfect Timing

The Earth layer – when we are grounded we listen more clearly and we are more able to make the necessary adjustments. Take the time to go slow and listen to nature. Or go out into your environment for a more spatial dimension around your Intention. New thinking will surface. Process what is and make the time to confront the uncomfortable.

Surround your Intentions with kindness

Start with kindness to self. This important heart support is often overlooked. Buy those flowers and have that coffee and reflect on your Intention and your desired outcome.

Feel it

We are all transmitters on some level. We are surrounded by simple examples of how to energetically move and respond to moments of joy.

Be it

Be still and know – all is vibrating and supporting your Intention. Well done!!!!

Want further support to manifest your intentions with Feng Shui?

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