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Spaces where you can just be yourself. They can be so overlooked when applying Feng Shui rhetoric. We undervalue them. You are creating an aligned home so you can become more of who you are. And it’s this thinking that I’d like to focus on this week.

Personalising the framework

Direction. Timing and Location are part of the Feng Shui framework we use to support you and your family’s energy in a space. These are vital in my opinion for flow and cohesion of available energy. But like all energy alignments they need to be personalised. They need to be current and aligned with the question ‘What am I becoming?’

What is helping me change is of equal value as focusing on an ‘action’ to change. This is an internal action as it’s about personally looking deeper, introducing personal actions that ground you. Don’t forget that perfection doesn’t bring us to this state of becoming.

Becoming is transformative and often involves an aha moment that can be simplicity itself. For instance, ‘I don’t need to do this anymore’ and all the cords that bind us internally around that action just fall away.

Freedom – ‘Becoming rather than Being’ is the new Hero. Becoming, please take a bow.

Help to manifest this new becomingWhite sage bundle, palo santo rose and quartz all arranged in a bowl on a white sheet background. Image by Karly Jones on UnSplash

For the month of November – sit with your back facing South East.

You can use the compass on your cell phone to location the South East – take your compass reading from the centre of the home). This month this sector in your home is energically aligned for manifesting, in this case manifesting you ‘Becoming You’. This South Eastly flow supports Self Healing, Heart Energy and Self forgiveness. The South East direction this month also supports Abundance.

Sit here and write your goals, do your deep breathing and planning.

Repeat to yourself, “I am capable of healing”.

Light white sage or a candle to be beside you as you focus on what is presenting for you to treasure.

Let the becoming be your new energetic teacher.

An extra bonus- write down the answers to this question: What am I waiting for?

This alignment can be done any time of the day or night.

Moving forwardTurtle floating in a big blue ocean

Take this practice out to your environment.

Again, find the South East Direction.

Sit with your back to this flow and feel.

Water may make this inward journey more intense but this month the South East is supported by the Earth and Yin Fire Elements. Many layers to consider, but just hold the Becoming as your awareness. The more you learn to feel direction the better your outcome.

Animals follow Energy naturally. Use this image to understand more around Becoming.

A mass of flamingos - energy, flow, imperfection. Photo by Stanislav Rozhkov on UnSplashReflection is such a brilliant teacher. Have this in front of you as it’s a great example of imperfection. Just letting movement of flow behealing. Becoming part of the whole.

Become more of you this monthWoman lying on a couch, legs in the air reading. Photo by Toa Heftiba on UnSplash

If you use to these examples of gathering information you will start to be more observant and more aware of bigger picture energy. How monthly, daily, seasonally locations of your home change with the planetary cycles. But for November become more of You and embrace Imperfections and Spatial Awareness.