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Feng Shui Elements are vitamins in action. Awakening, strengthening, and reinforcing the properties that each individually resonates. Think of them as a representation of nature, a property or mineral, an energy that can be harnessed and introduced into your life and living spaces to embody their essence.

I have previously discussed the elements individually but let explore parts of your body that can benefit an elementary vibrational charge.

The 5 Feng Shui Elements: Metal, Water Wood Fire and Earth – can each be introduced with a set purpose in mind, such as your Health and Relationships. They can be a starting point if you are a beginner searching for answers.

The Metal Element

To begin with the Metal Element. Crystals are an embodiment of the Metal Elements and are connected to the Lungs and Large Intestine. The Lungs are an important part of our Immune System and our general Health which cultivates resilience and endurance. Energetically Crystals can be grounding and associated with the inbuilt quality of strength and determination.

The Metal Element also can be decoratively introduced for example in furnishings, mirrors, or design features as a personal response to how you are associated to Metal. But Metal can also feature in your Astrology Chart and the placement of Metal in the West Sector of your Home can provide planetary support for self-improvement. For example: when seeking better career opportunities, when brainstorming new inspirations, and general help when wanting to break free from same old same old, the raw cutting ability of metal offers the blade to cut the cords.

The Water Element

Water is all about flow and movement but also your emotional connection to time and place so a simple Jug of water where you work or hang out can be your reminder. Water is associated with the Kidneys and the Bladder. Energetically represents flow. Flexibility and your emotions. When the Water Element is supported, you will easily feel at ease and establish an organic connection to your inner and outer world.

The Wood Element

Wood Element relates to your Liver and Gallbladder. Both vital energy powerhouses and relate to ability to grow and transform not only your bodily system but your thinking. Wood is strongest in the Springtime when new buds are sprouting, and the inner sap is rising to the new season. The start of a new season provides that opportunity to look at what you want to expand change and reinvigorate in your life. Go to the East to activate the Wood Element. Introduce Wood in something that has the property you are wanting to introduce into your life

Sun rays setting through stormy clouds over the sea in Kapiti

Fire Element

Fire is connected to your Heart and when the heat of fire is vibrant it is easy to love, be happy and be the inspiration that affect us all. Tap into the possibilities that joy has to offer especially in the Summertime where Fire is the most vibrant and at its peak impact. You can also use candles and an open fire as a source but for me I love Fire to just turn up – as seen in the photo attached… a moment when the universe just says I have your back – we are all connected.  Photo of sage stick also added below

Earth Element

The Element of Earth is associated with the Spleen. This organ embodies the qualities of stability and groundedness.

Needing to be receptive to what is strong in you? Then use the Earth Element. When things are hectic and chaotic as in the present Covid days use the Earth Element. Learn to centre yourself for example put your roots deep into the earth and hug the qualities of receptivity and stability.

Really go within with Feng Shui

The intention of my articles is always to open your curiosity and help your awareness of just what Feng Shui offers. I love to guide my clients through this process of understanding and achieving your personal goals.

The best next step is with a Personal Energy Map.

An Energy Map is a personalised location chart highlighting the correct directional locations for you. This is a powerful tool to counteract the negative forces that are depleting your energy field. Based on your astrological birthdate, the map provides you with:—where to sit or work and puts you in your correct location flow,—where to cook and where to relax—which direction favours you spiritually and,—where to boost Abundance and Prosperity.

This provides all positive boosts for your health and wellbeing.

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How the Feng Shui Elements Affect Your Body Earth Element Fire Smudge Stick of white sage burning - Equate Feng ShuiHow the Feng Shui Elements Affect Your Body Earth Element Worry Less - Equate Feng ShuiHow the Feng Shui Elements Affect Your Body Metal Element Amethyst Crystal  - Equate Feng ShuiHow the Feng Shui Elements Affect Your Body Wood Element Branches growth - Equate Feng ShuiHow the Feng Shui Elements Affect Your Body Water Element water jug and glass with mint and lemon - Equate Feng ShuiHand covered in paint splotches reaching out in the blue sky How the Feng Shui Elements Affect Your Body - Equate Feng Shui