Align the energy of your spaces

with Equate Feng Shui

Ready to help you feel alive, grounded and supported in your spaces, Rosemary Nelson is a New Zealand-based Feng Shui Designer.

Rosemary has helped hundreds of clients overcome blockages and create unique and beautiful spaces.  Her approach to Intuitive Feng Shui design is tailored to the Southern Hemisphere serving clients in Australia and New Zealand.

In a consultation with Equate, you can:
  • Introduce new positive energy vibrations into your life;
  • Support your intentions by aligning your environment with your goals;
  • Clear past negative events and energies from your house;
  • Prepare your house for sale and attract that perfect buyer.

Alignment and Energy Design Services offered by Equate Feng Shui

Personal Energy Maps

A powerful tool to counteract the negative forces that are depleting your energy field.

Online Feng Shui Consultations

Create memorable and personable spaces where all the senses are activated through colour, texture, vegetation and materials.

Assess your layout to generate income, attract new clients, create harmonious relations or support your goals.

Renovating and New Build Advice

Need support in completing a home? My aim is to provide you with clear advice and practical steps to move your project forward.

Space Clearing

A Space Clearing energetically recharges the energy of a place and makes room for your new purpose to be embedded. Ideal when moving into a new home, selling a house, major life changes, a new job or a death in the family. It can be part of the maintenance in commercial buildings or for aligning new life goals.

Feng Shui Workshops

I run a series of Workshops and Events through out the year to  educate and inspire. Check in regularly with my latest news  for upcoming events or sign-up to the newsletter below to keep up to date with our offerings. Or have me speak at your event.

Feng Shui Landscape Design

When you choose landscape design that incorporates the ancient power of Feng shui, you allow the vibrant energies of your home to integrate and nourish your wellness. If you seek an abundant life, your garden should be a place of restoration and joy.

Labyrinth Design

A Labyrinth is one of the oldest contemplative and transformational paths known to mankind. It is used for prayer, personal and spiritual growth and appeals and fits in with modern day spirituality.

Overseeing the construction of the Labyrinth and facilitation of the group walks is available.