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The Northern and Southern Hemispheres are different when considering the influences of Feng Shui. Rosemary Nelson, NZ Feng Shui expert and designer, shares some special insight into how to align our spaces with our intentions and goals for readers in the South.

Why is Feng Shui different in New Zealand?

The relevance of Feng Shui in New Zealand is a matter of how you approach it.

Are you searching for a classical interpretation of the Bagua Energy Map?
Or looking for a more relevant response that beats to the
rhythms of this part of the world?

Feng Shui means wind and water, we as humans need these elements in order to survive. Correspondingly, so does the planet we live on. Feng Shui ideology looks to the immediate environment – listens and responds with respect. The Land, the Sea, the Sky and the Cosmos provide a localised perspective and become your strongest touchstone and influence.  

This is common to all the differing schools of Feng Shui – it’s about belonging.

The origins and principals of Feng Shui come from China.  Where the culture is different to ours, the seasons, its latitude, regional air currents are all dissimilar.

Here, our culture looks to the Pacific for references. Our Kiwi norm is the love of the great outdoors and open spaces. This is so emotionally ingrained in who we are as New Zealanders. We feel more instinctively connected to this environment rather than overlaying unfamiliar influences from afar. 


But let’s start with some Feng Shui principles that remain true

There are other considerations also to think through. Many Feng Shui practices are universal. Yin and Yang is not a theory, it is practical scientific data. Realising this, applied it remains constant to both Hemispheres. Digesting this uncloaks some of the mystique that is playing out.

The Energy Maps – with its 8 life quadrants radiates out from the central Yin and Yang core, all universal tracts, as are the corresponding 5 elements. But what is in question – should the Bagua be adjusted to be sympathetic to our latitude?


6 Specific NZ Feng Shui differences: Local conditions matter

1. Our weather system operates independently. The prevailing winds and the ocean currents are unique to NZ shores. When we tune into the energy of our home here, referencing more personal influences then becomes an alignment tool – things are now getting so much more potent.  

2. There are obvious planetary differences between the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere, common to both the sun rises in the East and cycles to set in the West. In New Zealand, the sun moves through the northern skies while in the Northern Hemisphere travels a southern orbit.

3. The intense energy of the midday sun comes from New Zealand’s northern skies and sets in the west. This is opposite in the Northern Hemisphere where the strongest sun is the southern skies.

4. The conflicting planetary cycles are where the Bagua Map can become energetically questioned. In our part of the world, the strong Yang Sun (Fire element) comes from a northern aspect.  Our houses are oriented to be benefited from this warmth. This nation’s love of barbecuing and following the sun as it orbits to set in the west – just says ‘Kiwi Living’.

Rigid principles don’t always apply. Feng Shui is something you feel.

5. But there is more – when introducing the Four or the Eight directions to your location. The North /South/ East /West fixed points are fixed geographically. What arise and is introduced from this are: seasonal changes and changing equinoxes. Both have a huge influence on the energy of the planet, on you and the magnetic energy field of your homes.

6. We are kinetically shifted by changing frequency. Also bringing in the moon’s mystique, we have so much more generating around us than we can logically compute.

Feng Shui and the Four Directions: The NZ Context

Now back to the compass readings of the 4 directions in New Zealand.

The Water element is in the south, completely opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, where it would be in the North. The Water element is about flow and emotional depth. It is how we can connect to the land and receive from Mother Earth. It represents our winter time and going inward to revitalise.

There is joyfulness to this season, think of warm fires, mulled wine and roast dinners – yum yum – it is so grounding and so opposite to what the Fire element offers in the long enjoyable hours of the summer months. Can you now recognise that embracing the seasons is a powerful tool?

Playing with seasons is so much a part of what Feng Shui has to offer

We all have a birth element taken from the year of your birth. This provides you with an understanding of the element the earth was vibrating at when you entered the world. You also will know the season and the astrological aspect of your arrival. Why not use all references when digesting how Feng Shui resonates for you. You can find your birth element here.



NZ Feng Shui: How the Bagua works in the Southern Hemisphere

Now let’s look at the traditional placement of the Bagua Map which starts at the front door. This is where you enter your home and is the career zone. Water is its corresponding element. This is where it gets interesting, because water is about flow and the mouth of where energy enters your home. Remember we are 80% water. If you are seeking a career change or things to flow into your life, using the Bagua Energy Map placement may be more appropriate for you than energising the compass South direction. It’s just a matter of intuiting what is more appropriate for a particular issue. Ask yourself – you will know the answer!!

Likewise, the dynamics of the Fire element is static in all Baguas. Opposite to water, it is an activation point which will bring in new insights, new opportunities and certainly ultimately an area of your home where you can personally discover your highest potential. (Fire and water are the only elements that can be eliminated entirely).

Introducing the Earth element can dynamically affect your sense of belonging. Combined with the Fire element (Fire is helped by Earth) you start to understand the personal relevance and a deeper knowing of how Feng Shui was reasoned.  

When you are grounded you naturally receive the fullest energetic transfer that is present in your home.

Object-placement-NZ-Feng-Shui-with-EquateIn question now, is the placement of the Relationship/ Marriage quadrant. With the grounding of the earth element, is it correctly placed or needs to be reversed because of location.

The four life sectors on the Bagua that benefit by a reversal are the Relationship quadrant, the Wealth area, Self Knowledge and Helpful People life zones. All vital to get right, especially when you want to tap into what each sector has to offer.

Personally, I lean towards making an adjustment (because of orientation) to energetically tune in to what is happening here in New Zealand.

Creating a vibrant, harmonious life for you and your family has so much to do with how you understand what’s personally right for you.  And what fits the geographical rhythm of your environment.

Make it Colourful

Colour is a great way to create an energetic difference in your home and a fun way to instantly punch into another Feng Shui principle.  Colour is a huge part of expressing our personality in our home.

When you can embrace the colour of a particular element with the relevant placement, this then becomes what energy vibration is all about.

Kiwis love colour, it’s a cultural thing. Because of our clear light, we are not afraid to go for the primary colours. The rainbow effect has no limitations and we can ingest so much vibrancy and enjoy all the dance of what colour has to offer.

Feng Shui can help you create the life you want

In summary: the 8 principal zones on the Bagua, each has a reference to a part of your personality, an element and a dedicated colour.

And combining the 5 elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood together with the central core of Yin and Yang (Wind and Water) – gives you tools to play with to bring about balance and harmony in your environment. 

The secret ingredient for you in all this, is finding the glue. The point where you can create a required change, a result that activates a healthy energetic vitality into your home and your life.

The gentle ripple of all flowing energy and understanding you are part of the continual pulsating vibrancy of this.  This is what the ancient practice of Feng Shui has to offer you. Learning to trust yourself and listen to the ever-changing rhythms of your surroundings and the bricks and mortar of your home – can so support you in living an enriched happy fulfilled life.  


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