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Feng Shui is about accessing the natural flow of energy in your environment and learning to recognize where and when you feel centered in your body. Importantly, it involves identifying the places in your home where you feel this connection most strongly.

Understanding Your Body’s Responses

Your body creates responses that can guide your self-awareness and knowing. For example, you might feel sensations in the pit of your stomach or in your lower back. These feelings are touchstones to what you are sensing.

Be observant of where in your home you are drawn to linger and where you feel these internal responses. It’s a good idea to write down your reactions to different places as you familiarize yourself with your home’s layout.

Remember, these feelings can change seasonally.

Choosing the Right Location

When creating a calming space, logical thinking provides the tools. Choose a location that has a link to the environment, as all flow comes from nature. An outlook to the garden or a view from a window is perfect for this.

Go outside and walk around barefoot on the grass, listen to nature, the birds, and the rustling trees. Feel the grass under your feet and be present. Be present to this day, not to agendas.

Refresh, refresh, refresh—now you have created a calm space within.

Creating a Calming Space Within the Home

Creating a calming place within the home can vary. It may be a place where you have loved textural objects around you. It might be at the kitchen bench while baking, or it could be reading a bedside story to your child.

Again, pay attention to where you feel a response in your body.

Practical Feng Shui Tips for a Calming Space

  1. Clean and Declutter: Clear out clutter from your home to allow fresh energy to flow freely. Donate or toss items you no longer need or love.
  2. Let in Fresh Air and Natural Light: Open windows to invite in fresh air and natural light. Fresh air revitalizes the energy in your home, while sunlight brings warmth and positivity.
  3. Refresh Your Decor: Embrace decor that reflects the season’s energy, such as fresh flowers, vibrant colors, and lightweight fabrics.
  4. Nourish Plants: Pay attention to your indoor plants. Trim dead leaves, repot if necessary, and fertilize to encourage health. Thriving plants symbolize vitality and abundance.
  5. Celebrate New Beginnings: Set intentions for the season, like starting a project, pursuing personal growth, or fostering better relationships. Create a vision board or designate a space in your home to manifest your aspirations.
  6. Activate the Wood Element: Incorporate wood elements or colors such as brown into your decor through accents, artwork, or furniture.

Embracing the Heart of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is not some mystical thing that’s unattainable.

It’s right there where connection is from the heart, and you are present to the moment.

Breathe deep joy into this moment—this is coming home to self.

Gratitude for calm.

Align the Energy of Your Spaces with Equate Feng Shui

Ready to help you feel alive, grounded, and supported in your environment?

I am a New Zealand-based Feng Shui Designer who has helped hundreds of clients overcome blockages and create unique and beautiful spaces. My approach to Intuitive Feng Shui design is tailored to the Southern Hemisphere, serving clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Equate Feng Shui offers a range of services to help you achieve alignment and energy balance in your home:

  • Personal Energy Maps: Counteract negative forces depleting your energy field.
  • Online Feng Shui Consultations: Create memorable and personable spaces that activate all the senses.
  • Renovating and New Build Advice: Receive clear advice and practical steps to move your project forward.
  • Space Clearing: Recharge the energy of a place and make room for new purposes.
  • Feng Shui Workshops: Educate and inspire through a series of workshops and events.

Embrace the power of Feng Shui to transform your home and support your journey towards deep connection and calm. For more information or to book a consultation, visit Equate Feng Shui

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