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Feel more alive and supported right where you are,

with the Art and Science of Feng Shui

Recharge Your Spaces

Live by Design

with Feng Shui

Bring new richness and vibrancy to your life, your home and your environment by aligning natural elements with your personal goals.

How you live in your home is a barometer to what you attract into your life and what you are responding to energetically. This can be monitored and captured with the art of Feng Shui.

Tune in to who you are and create positive energized spaces that are supportive and nourishing with Equate Aligned Environments.

The Equate Equation

Equate’s focus on Intuitive Feng Shui emphasizes the balance between three aspects:

Personal: Aligning your inner world with your outer world. Working to uncover your personal uniqueness and values.
Your Home: The significance of the different zones in your Living Spaces and how you can personalise areas with purpose.
The Environment: Earth energy is constant and free flowing. Learn to connect with the natural forces around you.

Hi, I’m Rosemary Nelson

I believe that that cooperating with nature provides a powerful dynamic in the age we live in. The need to be recharged, connected and supported by our environment is vital for our health and this awareness creates an understanding that our homes provide a true connection. An enriching connection to not only the planet but to self.

I’m a New Zealand Feng Shui Designer specialising in Instinctive Feng Shui, Chinese Metaphysics and Environmental Design. A landscape designer for over 30 years, I have a clear understanding and love of working with existing earth cycles and patterns.

I help curious people explore the energetic patterns of their environment and guide them through harnessing that energy so they can create the life they want.

In Consultation With Equate You Can:

Understand how item placement and direction can have a big impact in your home.

Clear past negative events and energies from your house.

Choose and access building sites for alignment to the energy grid of the planet.

Prepare and attract that perfect buyer for a house sale.

Create memorable and personable spaces where all the senses are activated through colour, texture, vegetation and materials.

Use shapes, symbolism, scent, colour and sound dissipates stuck energy slowing down or speeding up ‘chi’ flow around the home.

Assess your office layout to generate income, attract new clients and evaluate and consolidate business relationships and supportive networks.

How Does it Feel?

The Feng Shui magic continues to flow. Thank you Rosemary for making Feng Shui so easy. You truly are an inspiration. The principals I’ve applied from participating in the recent workshop have been life changing. I feel so much lighter and have so much more energy! I continue to ask daily “What else is possible?”

Catherine DoornekampLotus Yoga Centre

Thank you for your breakthrough work in our office. The energy is certainly shifting.
The small changes we’ve made so far seem to have coincided with big shifts in the way we interact in the office – for the better. And we’ve only just started making the changes you’ve suggested... It really works. Very clever minimal changes that don’t cost for new furniture or major fit-out, yet already seem to have triggered major changes for the better.
All in all, you’ve provided us with an amazingly good value service, for which I’m truly grateful.

Sarah McMurrayGTB IT

With a mutual love of all things spiritual, the indigenous ancient wisdom and the world of business, we knew immediately, that we were kindred spirits. Rosemary has been such an inspiration to me with her pioneering ways, savvy business skills and incredible ability to turn a blank canvas or tired space into something quite remarkable. My last property was Feng shui – Landscaped designed by Rosemary and it sold within one day of going on the market!

Sharon BreslinLifestyle Journeys


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