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The Element of Air is often underrated.

The reason being that it is made up of moist floaty and whimsical gases.

But in fact, it is one of 4 physical Elements that makes up the Planet Earth in entirety.

This Element stands proudly with Fire, Water and Earth in a 4-pointed matrix which is what the whole of Earth consists of. The primal foursome all Elements are key players in Planet Earth’s creation.

The Properties of Air

Air is associated with the intellect and more spiritual in nature, intuition and knowing are key to this element’s beauty and appeal. Tune in to the element of Air when more understanding and clarification are needed for energy balancing,

In Feng Shui, the Element of Air is downplayed because it belongs to the Medicine Wheel Mythology where Astrology and Seasonal Changes are dominant. This purely referencing the origins of each discipline, Feng Shui originates from Chinese physiology.

The Air Element is utilised in metaphysics but in a more ethereal context – air flows like water, waves of air formation travels like fire and air also have a polarising effect on the inert earth element.

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Wind is perhaps a more relatable way to tap into the Air Elements. It’s more tangible and tactile, we can have a connection to something that’s commonly an everyday topic of discussion. Let’s step it up and make Wind a tool for personal development… the Winds of Change. Wind is a powerful, enduring, and pristine element that can be used to usher us towards new Cycles in our lives.

The Feng Shui Air Element

Feng Shui is an ethereal science – it captures the unseen currents and atmosphere drafts which generate in the Mountains and Hills Tops and follows the valleys over the land to the ocean

Feng Shui uses this available Chi flow and when your home is open ready to capture this potency you will be part of this vital flow. Your job is to have clear pathways so this vitality can find your home – open windows and doors- be organised be aware that these dynamics refreshes and energises your living spaces.

Chi flow does not need you to be aware of this process it needs you to provide a House that is tunned into this process. Will repeat that – Feng Shui doesn’t need you for it to work it need you to provide home spaces where energy can circulate. This is vital to grasp, you just provide the venue.

The Air Element in your home

The way to know if spaces need energy is the areas just don’t work for purpose. Spaces you avoid and do not utilise the potential, get curious on these areas

You know where these spaces are intuitively. For instance, where Family dynamics just don’t work, where people get sick, don’t sleep all signs of stagnant dull sluggish energy flow. Look for these areas and recognise that these spaces are not receiving 24/7 metaphysic Wi-Fi.

Healthy homes have flow and you being aware of this is the essential key to this. To enhance and capture this life-giving chi open your front door and windows at least for some time during the day – the morning is best as energy is generated from the East. Mornings are perfect because the air is fresh and bubbly.

What to look for:  untidy spaces – what is under that untidiness is it emotionally generated. Relationships that need reinvigorating or unfinished dreams that you just haven’t got time for. This is where you step up, and when ready make the changes –embrace this personal clutter clearing journey

What are you triggering that is associated with unsupportive space do you dream of one day living the dream? Write about this.  Just simple notes that you can work on and get to see the emotional connections, get interested in the dynamics at work as this can provide the direction for the way forward. A starting point for this energetic transfer.

Remember turn on the metaphysics Wi fi you are not alone in this process, nature has your back.

Air for Intelligence

Take a Breath of Air. It’s a Bubble of Intelligence, a vehicle for pumping blood from our head to our heart. This same Breath then grounds us through our feet and connects us to Earth.

Get to feel how Air feels in your body and set an intention to be more aware of the communication this element offers by listening more intently. Air teaches us to be more immediate and to communicate respectively and appropriately.

Air is associated with the intellect and more spiritual in nature, intuition and knowing are key to this element’s beauty and appeal. Tune in to the element of Air when more understanding and clarification are needed for energy balancing.

Air element of alchemy

Air is the only element out of the 4 key primal elements (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) that is transmutable. Air is the ignitor and responsible for the creation of Fire, it’s integral in the movement of water and vital for plant life.  This is the naturalistic cycle of life each needing each other but the mastermind is the alchemic property of Air.

For new beginnings in your Life, introduce and follow the same process.

Use available Chi or breathwork to ignite your inner Fire,

add the Wind gusts to Water your emotional life,

a carrier to heal personal blockages.

Use the properties of Air to grow your inner knowing so you can sow your seeds for your future goals.

Then like Nature ‘Let Go’ and start a new cycle. Diary your Inner journey – your experiences are Gold. I’d love to hear how this goes for you.

Ways to use the Element of Air for personal change

We are living in uncharted territories. Planet Earth is rumbling in its core and we need new tools to help us through this transition of worldly upheaval. Wind can be our bridge: as we learn to use the Prana of the Wind and channel the Chi for purpose. Our lives roll in seasons, just like naturalistic elements.

Using the Wind to teach us a way to breathe gives a new understanding of how to ride the Winds of Change – how to let go and glide, how to be powerful and wild and then to just enjoy inner calm. Times of contemplation are precious as we try to stay centred and grounded.

Personally, I’m overjoyed to discover ways to ride the Wind. A fellow companion to learn from and be reassured that change and upheaval are part of the Planet groaning.


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