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What is the Autumn Equinox and why is it a marker for you energy wise?

The Equinox marks the time when the daylight and night-time hours are equal.  On the 21st of March 2022 both 12hrs -7 and 9min retrospectively, we are now heading into shorter days and longer nights. But before the longer nights there is a lot to celebrate.

Autumn is my favourite time. I love the changing colours and celebration of reaping the rewards of what we have planted in Spring. But also, just catching moments when the shadows are longer and the preciousness of fleeting discoveries of new favourite spots in your home and garden are revealed.

This is Feng Shui’s timeclock also – be aware how you can capture these discoveries energetically. Awareness is the beginning of everything and start with how you are feeling. Avoid at all costs the busyness this time can generate and instead have that glass of wine and absorb Nature’s ‘Letting Go’ so join in and just release what’s no longer gives you JOY.

Autumn Light’s shadows are long and revealing

Take notice of the shape of shadows how they dance and reveal a new glow. Energy wise, using Feng Shui elements for a deeper connection to your interior spaces. Above the Earth Element plays a huge part in grounding: not only the stone walls but the smooth concrete floor. The Metal Element can then dance with the shadows of the chairs on the floor and reveal circular shapes and do what metal does, adds structure and form – Feng Shui cycle of Earth producing Metal.

It never ceases to surprise just how energetic synthesis is always around us and Autumn bring this magic alive and the whole idea of what is supporting can be an exercise for you to consider when looking at Personal Shedding. Space Clearing or decluttering provides good support for Shedding the Old.

Space clearing – what can it do for the energy of Interior Spaces?

Space clearing focuses on clearing the energy of a Home or Room for the direct purpose of shifting negative vibes.

Autumn is a great opportunity to Space Clear as you are preparing for when you spend more time inside – family and workspaces often have multi usages.

Saging or Smudging is the most common way to clear spaces, but you can use a stick of Rosemary, Feathers, or Sound to support you. (Download Space Clearing Music – Denise Linn has several available on YouTube).

Space Clearing releases past usage energy and recommended if an illness or arguments have been an issue. But generally, it is just releasing negative stuck energy from spaces. After a Space Clearing introduce fresh flowers or something from nature as a token to acknowledge that the vibrational energy has had an upgrade.

De-cluttering on the other hand is for a different purpose. Clearing clutter is removing objects that no longer serve you and hindering you from moving on. Things that relate to former timeframes or to the giver and most definitely hold memories that have long since been relevant.

Cracking the Nut

Now that’s a good thing – when what is inside shows its beauty and there is a gift from Nature right in front of you.

Space Clearing does this also. While the results are not so profound, I can assure you they are just as magical.

I would like you to challenge yourself and notice Autumn. Notice what is popping up for you, what and why this is. Maybe an old friend surprises you or you find a new thing of value, notice twilight, a special flower, Fantails at play  – here is energetic transfer at work.

Feel where in your body this resonates – do you feel this joy in your solar plexus?

Feel acknowledged and grounded or spiritually uplifted by a change in your value perspective?

Just crack that nut and see what Autumn delight is inside.


Woman in brown hat and white shirt , photo taken from behindindicating an energetic shiftLight trails Autumn-Energetic-Shifts-with-Equate-Feng-ShuiA chestnut being revealed from its spiky shell Autumn-Energetic-Shifts-with-Equate-Feng-Shui