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There are two key steps you must take to activate your goals with Feng Shui

1 – Journal your goals and clarifying what you want to change in your life,

2 – Consider ways you can refresh the functional layout of your home.

Recognising these steps is so crucial because if you do not know what needs to be aligned, you are just clutter clearing and not identifying the key issues. Clutter Clearing has its place but often I find it’s a distraction and the monkey in the room is cleverly avoided.

Understanding how Feng Shui works

The Feng Shui of your House and your Life is both have differing energetic resonance.

Metaphysics comes from Heaven / Man and Earth Luck meaning:

Heaven Luck is the gifts you are given at birth.

Man Luck represents the environment and location of your Home where it is situated geographically

Earth Luck is the combination of your destiny, environment of your Home and what you do with this energetic melting pot.

So, it is the potency of the how you figure out where in the Home you can activate your goals. Feng Shui only applies to the energy of the Home, but it is you who can tap into the available frequency and with appropriate application finding where in the Home you are supported to shift energy. This is where the Bagua Energy Map comes into play.

The Bagua

The Bagua Map is a Metaphysic Energy Grid that divides your Home Spaces into 8 targeted areas. Each represents a different aspect of your Life.

Each of the 8 areas are vibrationally aligned to a virtual star, all coming into the Home at differing speeds from compass directions and transmitted to the designated location.

Metaphysics is energy transfer and is astrologically and seasonally coded. Having the Bagua overlay on your Home takes away this complex reasoning and you can tap into the Wi fi of that location for chosen life situations.

For those of us in Australia or New Zealand, I choose to use a Bagua map modified for the Southern Hemisphere.

Setting your goals free

Now you have a better understanding of how Feng Shui works, take the next step forward and look at the affirmations for your Life. Uncovering the core drivers on what you want in your life simply comes from Goal Setting.

Having a logical current plan for your Personal and Work Life can sit hand in hand, or you may like to focus on a particular aspect such as Health and Well being or Financial Success. Some may have short term importance others a step-step-step growth strategy. You may be working on several goals and understanding that all that is required from you is to place yourself or your goal in the Bagua location for activation and then you let go. One of the hardest learning in Feng Shui is that it does not require anything from you – your part is unravelling your goals and appropriately positioning to activate. Something you can do is keep this area of the home refreshed with flowers or opening windows, lighting incense all help to eliminate negative lingering Earth energy.

Trust your judgement on this, sometimes maybe just sitting in this area and focusing on the issue in hand helps you Let Go of control.

Perfect timing

A further consideration in the trio of Crucial Activation and Letting Go is the understanding around Timing. For some this is the hardest step because wanting reassurance that their preparation work is working and appropriate. After Letting Go, you must consider Planetary Timing. Things are only going to be activated when the Stars align. This is trusting, Metaphysic is a proved science, and the universal clock is ticking. Liken it to the Moon Cycles, a new and full moon will always follow the Lunar Calendar and Feng Shui activated sits right in this patterning.

What you can do around now is diary any changes or things that turn up for you. Maybe meeting someone new, could be noticing something in your home that has previously gone unobserved. An intense tuning into seasonal change maybe it is just an upgrade in your view on a goal.

This is the unfolding of energetic transfer, it is happening. Focus on the new – not old repetitive, negative thinking.

Make it happen

If you wish to see true results, make things work for you. Insert yourself creatively into your space. Make the best use of your environment to support your goals.

Take care of the tasks in your outer world that set you up for success in your inner world. Watch for what happens.

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