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Where is your grounding mechanism?

Is the ocean your happy place or do you feel centered on land?

This is so important to be aware of. Currently the earth’s energy is unstable and to know a place where you feel grounded is paramount.

Think about where this is for you. You may have several places: a morning area, that end of the day ah ha place to let go of the day’s challenges. Then also add which months and then consider the beauty of each season.  Notice the unfolding.

Also look at the journey of the sun, and how nature unfolds in its own timing. Feng Shui does just this and captures all this cyclical resonance.

Start writing down your discoveries, and then you can understand that we too have seasons. Season we are born in, the natal month, the time of the day all pinpoint your arrival on this planet. Look up what was happening on that day, the influences, all part of who you are.

Let’s take a look at how an awareness of Feng Shui’s elemental play can support you to feel more grounded.


Rock circle that I found in Japan

Your grounding element may be wood

If so, nurturing your senses is relevant for you.

Wood is a powerful activator because it represents growth, sudden burst of expansion, together with action and social connection. Your happy places will be around food and social gatherings so how can you ground YOU in this. Consider which elements support the wood element and learn more how elements counter and control other elements for the greater good. The circle of life so to speak.

Air may be your element

Maybe you need spatial diversity around you, for example?  The outdoors and adventure always in your thinking? Do you identify with the Air element?

The mind is your key driver, and you have the ability to think beyond the current norm. Grounding for you is difficult so how can you bring awareness to your airy persona and discover what other elements help you to be in your body?

Test each element to find the fit and learn from this wisdom.

Metal grounding tool

The need for structure around everything you do highlights a need for order. Liking everything to have boundaries can teach you that although you feel safe you are avoiding any opportunity that presents to challenge yourself so what can you cut out.

What can you do to break free? Pay attention – which element produces metal and what element controls metal.

Grounding with the earth

Sit on a rock and form an imaginary circle.

A circle is a powerful symbol of union and grounding in the highest degree.

Sometimes all we need is to feel the earth under our feet.

Fire is grounding too

Fire element represents change and ‘what else is possible’ thinking.

When it comes to grounding it’s a matter of looking at what needs to be modified. Perhaps look at finding solutions that cross over and reverse the earth and fire influences – this can generate new ways to respond.


Need help getting grounded?

In a personalised chart, I give you what elements are your key grounding cords. To know this really helps you understand your default actions. You can monitor If you need to add Water or balance a dominant countering element (figuratively speaking). Your mix of elements are unique to you.