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Dream maker you: Let the Light Shine in

Feng Shui always targets the Front Entry as a primary energy source. It is the transition point from outside to inside. It is the Home of the Water Element and where flow and light need to be well-defined and partners. Hand in hand, Flow and Light are your tools when presenting the entrance to your Home Spaces.

How can you become the Dream Maker and present a magical entrance?

Think about your entrance. With Spring coming, now is the perfect time to re-invent this vital mouth into your home. Maybe a colour change?

This image shows a lovely soft blue, a mirror (to represent the Water Element) a pot plant (representing the Earth Element) and functionally placed furniture (for the Wood Element). A stripped feature rug defines movement, the link from outside in.

Make overs don’t need to be major. Sometimes you just need a refresh. Use Feng Shui to help you invite in what you have been personally wanting.

Where there is light – energy is spiralling from source.

This vital resource is enriching and penetrative and always welcoming. We are drawn to light for many complex reasons: just to feel the warmth of sunlight or perhaps needing to lighten up our attitude. But this can also just to be light-hearted in Mind and Body. Take it one step further into our Spiritual Body for a transformative upgrade.

This need is primal and is inbuilt in us all. It is generated by the Yang pull of the planet. As such, Feng Shui uses Light as a tool that pinpoints vibrational frequencies (Metaphysics) that can be calibrated and personalised to your Astrology. You are born at a certain time with fixed favourable direction (as with certain Yin Moon Cycles) that oscillates and triggers a response in you.

Knowledge of this is a game changer that can personally help you grow, both mentally and spiritually. Knowing this can really help you advance in your Career, boost your Health levels and provide a design tool for home staging.

Feng Shui teaches you how to embrace this energetic resource accurately and purposely navigates energy that enrichens and fortifies you.

From the rising of the Sun until twilight, Light’s majestic presence hovers over us. Then the Yin Moon casts moonlight to clean and purify our genetic body.

A Good Place to Start

Learning to use light effectively within your home can brighten all aspects of your life. First we try to understand the concepts, then we examine closely what is happening inside your home and seek clarity about how you wish to direct things. Feng Shui tools such as the Bagua provide a framework to make significant changes in your life.

While I provide information for free on my social media channels and website, the most effective place to start is a Personal Energy Map – a chart highlighting the correct directional locations for you. This is a powerful tool to counteract the negative forces that are depleting your energy field. Based on your astrological birthdate, the map provides you with:

—where to sit or work and puts you in your correct location flow,

—where to cook and where to relax

—which direction favours you spiritually and,

—where to boost Abundance and Prosperity.

A Basic Energy Flow Plan costs $250. This includes an online Skype Session – you provide me with information and details of why you are wanting this service, the areas of your life of concern and what you want me to focus on. When this is complete I will email the information to you.