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Feng Shui really is the ancient Chinese art and science of living well. Working with energy, our aim is to create balance by reducing the dominating or negative elements and enhancing the positive. These elements affect your health, career, prosperity, relationships. Negative influences can result in accidents, struggles and delays. So let’s take a look at the 5 ways Feng Shui can help us tap into  the energy around us.


The classic calling cards of Feng Shui are energy flow, harmony, balanced spaces and synergy. Assessing the space around us is something we all do, often unconsciously. But sometimes taking a deeper look is important:

  • Assess whether the energy flow or the quality of the vibration in an area is positive or negative,
  • Assess if the land is worth investing in,
  • Assess if the environment is supporting them or not.

A great time to have a house assessment done is when buying a home. With Feng Shui, we like to start from a positive position and improve it further, rather than a negative position and then spending money to get it to ‘average’.


Sometimes people are stuck in life. This can be a stage where they are not happy or able to move on and can manifest in any aspect of life. Some people aren’t even aware they are stuck. Feng Shui can be used to diagnose your energy blocks, understand what the problems are and why things are as they are.

Feng Shui offers connection to our spaces. Things flow when both our goals and the energy of a space have a similar objective. So it’s easy to see where problems are. One tell-tale sign is clutter within the home. Decluttering is a powerful tool to diagnose and resolve issues.

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Implementing design that embraces the fundamentals of the ancient art of Feng Shui brings a home’s vibrancy alive.  Your home holistically takes on and also mirrors you – your mental, physical and spiritual intentions and dreams. With this realisation you can work to personally make changes in your life.

Feng Shui is a tool to enhance flow. It can be used to enhance the way you live, your intentions and aspirations. Everyone wants the good things in life. But it takes more than sheer willpower alone to achieve it. The solution? Harness the power of the environment to give you the true competitive edge. Remember that Feng Shui has been used historically by Chinese emperors to gain and maintain power and wealth. Learn the power of authentic Feng Shui and apply it to your living and working environment.

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Correcting a problem the right way using Feng Shui. People tend to get confused with the many systems in Feng Shui but it all actually depends on what you want. Intention is so very important. Diagnose the problem correctly and you will be able to use the right system to correct the problem and achieve what it is you wish for.

No one knows better than you the various difficulties that you’re up against in your life every year. But that’s no reason to resign yourself to non-action. Feng Shui will open your mind to the most unusual possibilities, because the best opportunities only present themselves in the midst of challenges.

A great example of this is how Feng Shui can be used in the bedroom to change the energy and give us positive sleep directions.

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Predictive analysis

Feng Shui can be used as a tool to understand what could be the outcome if you use or continue to use a certain space. If you don’t like what you see as an outcome, you can then change it.

The computers and devices that measure waves, cloud movement, sonic activity and tectonic plate movements are essentially tracking energy patterns and movement. Even the outcome of human activities today is being modelled and computed to predict outcomes – financial markets use sophisticated mathematical models to project stock movements or determine market fluctuations.

Long before there were computers, the Chinese had systems for calculating energy flow. 2000 years ago the Imperial Astrologers used to forecast or predict outcomes in relation to aspects of time and space. Combining that with the energy computations of Feng Shui can have extraordinary results.

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Plan your spaces and see changes happen in your life

By balancing energies, Feng Shui gives you the tools to assess your environment, diagnose, enhance and correct the way you live. It also gives us tools to show how successful these changes can be and when the best time is to make them. By embracing Feng Shui, we be supported in our goals and aspirations.

Everything that you need to start on this journey is around you. You are supported by the energy around you. Finding a way to work with these energies is the ultimate goal.

Equate aligned environments helps you harness the natural life force of your environments. This seamless energetic transformation is what Feng Shui and holistic living is all about.