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The element of water is a power player when creating harmonious, supportive home spaces. This is because water and flow are synonymous.

In Essential Feng Shui, water leads the way. This is especially important to grasp when decoding all the Feng Shui elements, as each has a controlling and nurturing quality. This makes some combinations more compatible. Each element has a shape, colour and vibrational tone that reinforces its place in the hierarchy of energetic vibrations. Like music, a correct note is pitch perfect.

Bringing the water element indoors

As in Nature, water is a powerful force and can have energetic extremes. It can nurture or destroy environments.

The same goes when it comes to dressing your nest. By being clever, you can twist and manipulate the water characteristics to your advantage. The water element can have the appearance of calmness but if you are brave–dabbling and unraveling the murky mysterious qualities of water–you can create spaces that are edgy and provocative.

Water is free spirited. The playful character can be the basis for expressing your uniqueness. Whether it is forming blocks of a variety of darker blue / blacks to evoke a deeper sense of connection or by embracing powder blue and white to open spaces that inject a more spatial atmospheric wow. This is especially relevant when a space is light filled or have a water view.

Feng Shui Bagua Map - WaterThe Water Element has numerous faces:

  • it can exist in a liquid form perhaps as a water feature,
  • or by powerfully juxtapose the reflective qualities of mirrors and glass,
  • play with the moodiness and intrigue of water displayed in ornamental treasures or art works these will create cohesive hazy moments between spaces.

Feng Shui means Wind and Water

The two primal necessities of life are the core of our existence. When both are in harmony, they can ignite the energetic soul of the home. Wind represents the East and this Air element heralds new beginnings, starting afresh and being open to new possibilities. This is a core of Feng Shui’s energetic construct. There are no magical, unrecognisable theories – just simple logical childlike responses that can be implemented. It’s as simple as opening an East facing door or window. By acknowledging this new day, you welcome this exchange into your home. Your living space can begin to BREATHE in the morning’s dappled light.

In contrast, the Water element on the Bagua Energy Map is the front door area. The Career and Life’s Journeys opening. Again, that flow from outside in. Both elements are atmospheric by nature and readily available for you each morning. When you consider how often we start our day with lists or deadlines and oblivious of this amazing exchange happening around us, we so missing out on being involved and part of the planet’s morning yawn.

Connecting with Feng Shui

Often, I find people want to complicate Feng Shui and undervalue the science. My answer to that is: this is not a head construct – you FEEL Feng Shui. In Denmark, they call it Hygge ‘The Art of Cosiness for the Soul’. So why mess with an energy that is so much bigger than our viewpoint? Become part of the Universal cycle. All this is freely available just by being more attentive to daily choices.

Water is the ancient symbol for Abundance

I leave this to last because Abundance is so much larger than money. Abundant Health, Abundant Relationships Abundant Opportunities are paramount parts of the Water Element’s referencing. Think of the Ancient Paradise Gardens: the Alhambra and the Taj Mahal for example, where Water and Refuge are an Islamic touchstone. It’s the promise of Water and Shade from a long journey. Use this strategically at the threshold of the place you call Home and with open arms welcome all that floats in.

Water – The Power Player – Have fun playing with this Element


Summary – Feng Shui the quality of Water

* Any shape that’s wavy, flowing or sinuous brings the Water element alive in your spaces.

* Water’s colour is black/ very dark blues and pale hues of white powder blue and white.

* The archetype of the Water element is the Philosopher, whose calm, gentle nature helps to explain the mysteries of the world.

* Watery objects create pure reflection: mirrors, glass and crystal all evoke the Water element in your home or office.

* Water represents winter in the cycle of the seasons: the darkest season in the southern hemisphere.

* Water is nourished by Metal in the Creative Cycle.

* Water, in turn, nourishes the Wood element.

* Water is controlled by Earth in the Controlling Cycle.  Earth controls Water both by creating boundaries or dams to control its flow and by muddying it to slow it down and reduce its power.

A deep blue wall with mirrors and wavy elements demonstrates a way the water element can be brought into a home - Equate Feng Shui

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