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Energy flow… harmony… balanced spaces…. synergy…  All of these are the classic calling cards of Feng Shui. And we define these as associated connections that come about through clarity of purpose.

What’s the first thing you do when you want to create spaces that connect you into this tranquil flow?

By clearing out.


By freshening a space or re-purposing the usage, you change the energy. You open up the room for vitality to flow in a different way.

Flow is about allowing another possibility to surface. Ask yourself, “What else can I use this space for?” or “What can I place here that is going to support me energetically?”

Often the problem starts with a disconnect.

  • Are the layout and usage of your home supporting what is going on within the home?
  • What about the items within your home – is your stuff suffocating?
  • Are these things in alignment with the family values and goals?
  • How do you want to feel in your home?
  • How do you want the home to work for you?
  • Do you feel supported in your space?

Declutter the thoughts you have about your space. And then declutter the objects that are interrupting the flow. Make a start by simply rearranging items and dispose of what is simply clutter. By making a start you will rapidly see what produces a result – any result, any change that sparks curiosity.

Watch for the spark

The spark will arise from the most unlikely source. This may not sit well if you are too logical or a bit of a control freak. Sorry about that, but Feng Shui works with the energy of a place and your vibrational energy simultaneously. Both mirroring present dynamics.

Change often comes out of chaos. Knowing this takes the pressure off you personally. We are not always ready for the required leap. We hold possibilities out there in questioning, “Maybe…” This is just keeping your options open.  But if you make it fun and take the difficulty out of your approach then the right connections surface.

The disconnect we have with change is that we do not see the correlation between energy flow in your home and your desired goals. Both are so entwined.

Why is this? It’s about emotional connection.

It takes courage to look at our personal agendas and see they also need a makeover. It’s not always about the goal but what is psychologically stopping us from saying yes to another approach.


out-beyond-ideas-of-wrongdoing-and-rightdoing_rumi_equateFeng Shui offers connection. Things flow when both our goals and the energy of a space have a similar objective.

This synchronicity is pure Feng Shui. Clear spaces and clear goals work hand and hand.

Connection is our willingness to be open to a different possibility. When we have order and the things we love around us, joyfulness and gratitude abound. This is where we find flow.

Clear, clutter-free spaces are open. When you connect with a balanced space, you become more grounded and present and take on the necessary changes naturally. The internal shift will mean it is no longer in your head because you have taken action. This is the gift that Feng Shui offers: we can walk into a space that is now functioning and no longer reacting to the internal chatter that keeps you locked into past responses.

One more power tip to get you started

Your garden works the same way. This may be a more comfortable place for you to start. Our connection to nature is often freer and may be a better link for you. It’s about learning your personal triggers and finding the gap where you can connect…where you become part of the flow.

You’re not alone

Everything that you need to start on this journey is around you. You are supported by the energy around you. Finding a way to work with these energies is the ultimate goal.

I’m available to help get you started moving forward with designing your lifestyle. We can do this in person or via Skype.  Alignment and energy design services offered by Equate.


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