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An exercise in decluttering is a powerful tool when accessing what is around you. “What is truly precious,” is a good question to ask. This is an interesting journey to take and a conscious realisation of what we just accept around us–objects, things, past treasures, junk, mountains of memorabilia, clothes that don’t fit. The list goes on and on.

Learning to stop and review and decide what you can discard has unexpected results. Your living spaces and the things around you affect you, your body as well as how you feel. Clutter drains your energy but doing something about it – perhaps tomorrow might come up; it’s not mine; so and so is really messy; I just haven’t got time – excuses, excuses.

But let’s look at what decluttering can do for you. Having things that you truly love around you gives you joy, cherishing what has value for you is good for the soul, not having past objects of affection around you – consciously healing. Marie Kondo ‘s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying provided me with the vision and a method to tackle this daunting issue. As a Feng Shui Practitioner, an exercise in clutter clearing is step one before an energetic alignment consultation. Clients are given a how to do guideline and it is also recommend that this is tackled by you alone. Involving others only creates chaos–your discarded clothing ends up in theirs and becomes the perfect distraction. Concentrate on the job at hand, for this is serious business.

When you put the things around you in order, you put your past in order and you will never go back. Tidying is a dialogue with yourself and an empowering discipline. A wonderful sorting the wardrobe exercise for me from Marie’s book was to hang everything from left to right, the heavy items jackets coats and suits on the left with the shorter lighter colour clothes on the right, this is amazing it energises your wardrobe and it works but more to the point I want this new wardrobe regime to continue purely because I can now find that sleeveless black top in a flash.

Letting go and acknowledging past items can be a release. Thanking things for finding you and blessing their future journey from hibernation to be released, re-loved or recycled is a feel good exercise. What you are left with are spaces and possessions that truly support you and you are grateful for. This creates room for more relevant things to surface which will play a part in you moving forward.

Need help to declutter and clear your mind, space and life? Contact Rosemary Nelson for a Space Clearing Consultation.