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Calm and knowing. The confidence to walk forward in the world with a deep sense of the two is one of life’s great aspirations for many of us. When you, your environment and living spaces are openly communicating the same vibe, a calmness and knowingness presents. When you understand that everything has energy, has its own tone, vibration and frequency — then you are on the way of aligning or programming your home and world to support you.

Often the simplicity of how this works alludes us because we think we are spinning the wheel. When the light bulb moment comes and we realise that there is another way, it is momentous and so so freeing.

In the Zen world they call this mindful awareness or being present in the now. Translating this personally gives you a simplistic palette from where you can construct a life that fits you. Just like clothes shopping, the colour, texture and fabric fit the season, the month and the day. This confidence to be flexible with your approach is what holistic living offers.

Stepping into a world of possibilities is not about possession but about being current. Is the container you live in attuned to this mindset or is clutter of past treasures blocking your path and locking you into past consciousness?

Like our wardrobe, it is time for a seasonal clean out. The key to this is simple. Shed the past fashion splurges and hold on tight to old favourites that have faithfully worked. Because not only the container we are living in needs to be current, the planet we are living on also has a voice.

Without complicating this equation, balance always goes back to the environment. Your inner and outer environment flow must have a synergetic resonance. When we have our Yang creating newness and your Yin supported you are in your happy place.

More on this in another article.