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I have just sold my home of seven years. I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to show you how my Space Clearing services work. Profiling this process is a perfect example of my offerings. Presenting a home that has been energetically aligned, is undeniably market ready. In doing this I am opening the Heart of the home to attract that perfect buyer.

Equate Aligned Environments offers a Landscape Design and Feng Shui alignment service. Both the Environment and the House (the Container) you live in are energetically connected. When balanced these two factors work together to support you and your family.

How does this work

All positive energetic flow starts with the Environment. First we look at where the House is sited. Then we delve into what is around the Home, what the surrounding land forms are. These may be large trees, distant hills (in my case the Tararua Ranges), water or the ocean. We take note of these and assess how we will be able to energetically tap into them.

When a Home is planned to draw this energetic flow into its core, you can feel a real difference. All aspects of your life work. Your health, financial support, career advancement, as well as relationship harmony are all supported. It is that simple. This is not about materialism or staging. It’s about allowing flow to enter your life by connecting it to the central core of your Home.

The Marketing Flyer description for my home is “The Best of All Worlds” and this certainly has been the case living here. The amount of natural light flooding into this home has supported my craft and my knowledge of Feng Shui and the Metaphysical World.

Progress reports on this pending.

2 Feng Shui Tips for Selling Your House

1. Alignment

The front door and entry to the house is important and should be airy and inviting. Provide an open and generous feeling – clear the area of any clutter and personal items even family photos.

Energetically – clear this area by visualising a new owner. This letting go really works. I have set this up for many clients and houses sell very quickly. The trick is to be completely neutral and free of any expectations. Allow that new buyer to walk in and feel at home in your living spaces.

2. Emotional Connection

The majority of comments from the open homes have an emotional leaning. The viewers liked the vibe and feel, and they really liked sitting in the moment, looking at garden. Emotional clarity is vital – know your end goal and trust the agent you have invested in.

With 1 week to go before my deadline sale, I am leaning into that perfect outcome for both myself and the new owner. This has been a great test for me personally and also really deepens my understanding of the power of metaphysics. When we are clear, things flow and fall into place.

Pre-sale Feng Shui services are available

Space Clearing for selling your home is a Feng Shui service offered by Equate Aligned Environments. Energetically buildings have memories and past events can linger and be recorded in the walls, floors and ceilings, furniture and objects. Vibration from former occupants can leave stagnant residue that cleaning and tidying on a physical level doesn’t shift. A Feng Shui Space Clearing can:

  • clear these vibrations and,
  • help attract that perfect buyer.

This is a particularly useful service for houses that simply won’t sell or to clear the way for a fast and efficient sales process. The base rate for these services starts at NZD $275. Please contact Rosemary at Equate to help you revitalise your space.

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