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Feng Shui is an art of living in harmony with the elements and while some of its intricate matters need expert touch, the most basic principles can be implemented with ease. Here are some simple tips for those who wish to get started on the harmonious way of living and decorating.

Remember that Feng Shui is a fusion of the environment around you, the space you live in and your emotional responses. Bring these three together and set your energy alight.

Aligning your living spaces with your intentions, goals and aspirations is at the heart of Feng Shui design. Feng Shui offers a mindful solution to loving what is around you. And in return, your space supports you to live the life you choose on your terms. Your home becomes a stage for supporting your evolving self.

1. Open your mind and get ready to play

Feng Shui can be applied to any space by those with courage and curiosity to look at new possibilities. Have fun with colours, the interplay between different shapes and textures – all this heightens the senses.

The ancient art of Feng Shui embraces change: in the seasons, the controlling and nourishing cycles of the 5 elements and the recognition that correct placement attracts happiness.

2. Be clear on your intention

Be clear on your intention

The number one result for any of my Feng Shui consultations has been clarity. Being clear on what you want in your life, and what you don’t want. The effects of this are wonderful – it increases your vitality and you begin leading a more harmonic, holistic life.

One of my clients described it as, “Throwing the doors wide open to the life I want.” Her perfect job seemed to just turn up out of nowhere. Others who had trouble moving on with their lives, found a new sense of direction.

Another found great relief from chronic health conditions by decluttering and creating the space to live on her terms. One lady who worked from home found that more clients suddenly emerged.

Feng Shui design activates an energy to support you to live the life you want. It is a tremendously valuable and relevant part of everyday life around the world. And we must remember that there are important considerations for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere. Living with what you love, freeing yourself from clutter, and expressing your true self will help you manifest the best Feng Shui for you.

3. Get rid of what you don’t use or love

get rid of what you don't use or love

Chi flows most freely in a home where there is space and clear from old energies. Clutter holds low vibrational energy and has a negative influence on your life, it represents the past. Removal instantly refreshes your living spaces, office or exterior area. Stuck, stagnant energy in a specific area will sooner or later show itself in stagnation in an area of your life.

Clear out your corners, closets, and garage by releasing what you no longer need, fix what is broken. And there are two important things I want you to remember –

  • Clutter is simply decisions you haven’t made yet.
  • Your home is living space, not storage space

4. Clean and organise your home

Cleaning your home boosts creativity and is a visual reminder of what you want to attract and accomplish. Being organised improves time management and boosts productivity.

What can you do this week to tidy up or zhush the energies for you and your family?

How much more space and time do you feel you have when the house is clean and you know where to find everything?

5. Start making your adjustments slowly

As you notice changes happening you will feel empowered to make more. Take notice. Good Feng Shui is a practice of listening and learning. So go slow and feel your way into alignment.

Everything that you need to start on this journey is around you.
You are supported by the energy around you.
Finding a way to work with these energies is the ultimate goal.

Need help to declutter and clear your mind, space and life? Contact Rosemary Nelson for a Space Clearing Consultation.

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