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I explored the process of Decluttering and why it is important in a previous article. Now it’s Autumn and perhaps time to review the subject and provide you with further information that will be helpful.

Why it works is greater than our brain can process. On some level this is why it works. It’s about tapping into the constantly changing energy flow around us. Revisiting clutter clearing regularly is updating your personal data. Think of it this way and you will understand that not only the energy around you is changing but your goals, aspirations and personal milestones are also evolving.

Take your wardrobe as an example, the clothes you wore last winter aren’t necessarily your favorites this season. But the basics will be still be the building block of what you wear. By adding a new season coloured scarf or handbag your winter wardrobe is sorted.

A Simple Trick To Declutter, No Matter How Busy You Are from MindBodyGreen highlights that clutter also plays an enormous part in our mental health–triggers are constantly around us and draining your vibrancy. Memory is a huge retention bank of good and not so good experiences but if we lighten up on how we respond, we are making progress. As explained in the article start with a mental checklist and see what the culprits are. Then they can be physically removed one by one. Make the process fun, play some music, lightening up your mood and your spaces will start to sparkle. Love the way she suggests you time yourself:

 “5 minutes to zoom thru your spaces, sort, sweep, organise like a benevolent tornado.”

Watch, look, notice how the adjustments have changed the way you think and notice how you are now responding to tasks and issues that have previously been an emotional mountain. Clutter clearing is powerful and be prepared, great and not so welcomed things will surface but remember it is all stuff – physical and mental clutter that you now have the power to face head on and re-order. Reap the spaciousness you now have in your thinking.

Love Autumn, my favorite season – it’s harvest time. Enjoy !!!!