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Clutter Clearing

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Feng Shui makes clutter clearing fun and achievable and you get to choose vitality over mediocrity.

Prior to a Feng Shui consultation it is recommended that the client removes any unwanted possessions and objects from the house and environment. Clutter holds low vibrational energy and has a negative influence on your life, it represents the past. Removal instantly refreshes your living spaces, office or exterior area.

Our stuff tells us a lot about ourselves. Even though decluttering is an emotional experience, letting go of items you don’t like or need is a freeing exercise. Once you understand how clutter blocks you, then you can start to see change happen in your life. What you have around you is a choice and sometimes an honest assessment of your stuff is all that’s needed.

Using Feng Shui to clear spatial clutter

A Feng Shui Consultation is about you. Feng Shui provides the awareness and a specific method for manifesting comfortable peaceful home or work environments. Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese philosophy and spatial decluttering with this method is systematic, it takes away the emotional associations with your unloved possessions.

Feng Shui is about energy flow, where location and connections to the different spaces within the home are given recognition. Where orientation, furniture placement, colour schemes and the use of the five elements ‘Earth’, ‘Wind’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Water’ and ‘Metal’ work in association with each other . Feng Shui makes clutter clearing fun and achievable and you get to choose vitality over mediocrity.

There are 3 main areas that are targeted for the well being of the home:

  • the Kitchen which mirrors the state of your health,
  • the Main Entry the pathway or the mouth of the ‘chi’ and from where vibrancy can circulates to other parts of the house,
  • the main bedroom–the most important area. Enhancing the love nest supports your uniqueness and your connection to others.

Need help to declutter your home and revitalise?

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