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We are so programmed to live habitually. Perhaps there is another way.

Why is it important to be current with what is around you? Because our lives change and evolve.

But so often our living spaces stay the same.

Yes, they are comfortable. Treasures and loved things are important. But the placement of such objects needs
to be regularly considered. Have you noticed how bare open living spaces are literally confronting for many people?

In Feng Shui, positioning is paramount and the use of clear spaces is fundamental. This aligns with the basic principle that recognises everything is made up of energy and holds residual memory.

Your home needs to reflect who you are and what you are striving for presently. Therefore, the idea of current placement is so vital.  Ask yourself:

Is my home a stage that supports my evolving self?

We hate to shed. We love to keep things just in case. But what we fail to recognise is that these same comforters
are blocks. The connection to what provided a purpose in the past is a barrier to changing.

Procrastinating and over sentimentality is a clear sign that you could be resisting personal growth and not living in the now.

How to open up the possibilities

Have a plan and begin slowly. Remove the clutter from your home and observe how you feel, you will physically notice changes because your brain has less to react to. The stage is set and you are now open for new possibilities to
present. Amazingly within a couple of days / weeks changes spontaneously begin to appear and these will happen with ease. Why is this – it’s because you are no longer focusing on the should do list or on former emotional triggers but on what brings joy onto your life

Your home is living space not storage space is a clear directive for action. Living- breathing- light full rooms that are aligned for energetic purpose.

How do I move from habitual living to a planned supportive environment?

The Feng Shui Bagua Chart is made up of the possible 9 Life Paths, each sector has an Element (5 Elements -Water, Metal, Earth, Fire or Wood), a colour and purpose attached to it. If clutter is an issue it creates localised blockages, this in turn energetically unbalances how all the parts vibrate collectively. But when all sectors are in tune, (like notes in music) energy will shift and harmony and calm will freely flow.

Good old clutter, that thing you must hang on to even though its past its used by date holds so much power. When you can move or shed clutter purposely you are saying yes to opening to a whole new vista of possibilities.

Why would you not choose to embrace what the true value of Feng Shui offers? Homes that sing and are comfortable and aligned with who you are right NOW.

Equate Feng Shui Design NZ Your home is living space not storage space

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