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The colours of the Rainbow provide a colour spectrum, a palette that can be used to enhance every aspect of your life. Colour can vibrate joy, suggest playfulness, can evoke confidence but also has the ability to soften and calm you into a more peaceful mood.

All this can be seen in nature where tones and light reflections in trees and flowers complimentarily merge. Even change in the differing times of the day always seems to mirror the correct ambience for where you are at.

In Feng Shui, Colour and the 5 Elements as in Nature work cooperatively. Each element has a corresponding colour which reinforces the alignment and intention of a space. For example in the Relationship area of your home, earthy colours in the Orange, Yellow spectrum would be introduced. But if a relationship could do with invigorating, a flick of Reds/Magenta/Pinks (all Fire colours) in art or objects adds that punch to ignite better communication.

Another way to use colour is to set an Intention for the usage of a space. An example of this is for a Home Office, where creativity and competence would be the focus. Depending on the location in the house, the colour would correspond with the relevant element but also align with the activity in this case a work space. Greens infuse harmony. It is also a Yin/ Yang colour and perfect if more than one person works in the space.

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