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Our home communicates to us 24/7. Messages like: colour me, clean me, let me breath fresh air, beautify where I rest my head for a good night’s sleep, welcome – come in for a cuppa. The clarity of the communicated messages sparkle me-ness. Or does it?

The more you can see your home as an extension of who you are, the more it becomes a barometer for your life. Adding sparkle to the surfaces and spaces in your home directly reflects overflowing abundance and plenty in your life.

Some magical Feng Shui changes you can make to expand and turn up the energetic flow of abundance around you:

Deal with just that one thing that no longer has value to you

It may be removing something that doesn’t belong to you, or that holds negative past memories. What about that expensive outfit that you have not worn for years? Donate it, recycle it, give it to charity – then watch this space for an energetic transfer.

Only settle for what you want

This is no time to compromise. Go for …that perfect job …..that perfect holiday … that perfect relationship … that perfect life. Just removing that one thing makes space for awesomeness and vamps up self-value. No more ‘less than’!

Make time to plan for an abundant life 

Have a clear vision of what it is you really want around you and in your life. Clarity of purpose strengthens intention – where ‘Intention flows’ energy grows. Reinforce your dreams daily by giving yourself the gift of time. Just time for loving – rub cream into your face; enjoy that cup of coffee without the multi-tasking. The simpler the better.  Disengage from that monkey mind that is constantly on high alert.

In a Feng Shui consultation with Equate, you will be guided through the process of aligning your home to your life’s ambitions. A meeting with Rosemary will personally support you in making the changes, adding fresh flowing possibilities for an abundant way of living.