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The Element of Fire

Here in the midst of our Southern Hemisphere Winter we are drawn to the warmth of Fire, and it is heartfelt. So many memories surface of times around the family fire or social gatherings which echo merriment. The Element is so primal and understandable.

When replicating this Element as a Feng Shui alignment, how do we positively introduce Fire as a correction? Correction means to counter or control another element. Fire counters Metal by balancing Metal’s strong controlling properties and makes it appear more malleable. For instance, if your house or room is very square and has a lot of structural features, introducing the Element of Fire counteracts this. An open fire or wood burner is an example, but not the only way to play with this dynamic. Candles are another example. Also rich warm potent colours in fabrics and furnishing adds that vibrant burst of balancing energy.

Fire can also be used as a Weakening alignment if there is an excess of the Wood Element in the home. The house may physically be surrounded by trees, or the internal walls and floors are timber. In this instance introducing the Fire Element will weaken the overpowering dominance of the upright characteristic of the Wood Element.

With the Five Elements, balance of all five creates harmony and flow. This is the potency of Feng Shui cycles at work.

Let me explain further… Wood also produces Fire so there is a fine line when Fire weakens this Element or when it in turn is countered. This is resolved by analysis how this Element is replicated in the surrounding Natural Environment and what is appropriate depending on the chain reaction of the other Elements.

More discernment is needed when considering the Producing Cycle – Wood also Produces Fire. This is the fastest explosive phase in the chain. Wood produces Fire and then Fire produces Earth. You introduce this alignment when the energy of a space is depleted and lacking in vibrancy. It can be a temporary remedy until the energy in this space is restored – but also can be a seasonal alignment.

Looking at this as a whole – Fire Counters Metal, Earth weakens Fire and Fire weakens Wood and finally Wood feeds Fire and Fire produces Earth. When you have these rotations mastered you are on your way to accessing Feng Shui alignments and corrections that produce a Healthy Vibrant Home.

In a following article, we’ll look at the Metal Water and Wood Element Cycles.