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Your home is a barometer for how your life is tracking. It can be daunting when you realise this. But the beauty is that it provides a road map to where we can introduce simple enhancements.

Making remedial changes to the layout of your home narrates vibrationally to you physically. How? Because everything is and has energy. The construction and building materials in the home, possessions around you that no longer serve, to emotional relationships that need addressing – all this tangles into a big ball of energy. For those brave enough, we can start unravelling this.

It is so important that you belong and feel grounded in your home. It’s what supports and nourishes you. Your home is not just a roof over your head. Having a closer look at what is around you is easy for some and not so for others. Strangely enough, when the time is right it is not complicated or intimidating.

Being there and flourishing in your home is about awareness, about being current in every aspect of your life. Feng Shui was masterminded to do just this. It steps you through the stages so you can monitor outcomes. Small alignments can result in massive shifts in your thinking. This is because energy doesn’t need you to fix things. It just needs you to get out of the way.

Changes can take place quickly

I am currently finishing a 4-week Feng Shui Course at the Kapiti Woman’s Centre and once again I’m blown away with the changes to the attendees. It’s like watching light bulbs switched on.

Week 3 they arrived glowing and 4 out of the 8 had implemented plans to make significant changes to not only their homes but to understanding what was personally holding them back. This in three x 3hr workshop sessions! Such a joy to witness how they personally uncovered what they wanted to introduce into their lives by just understanding how and where energy circulates from.

feng shui course - 4 women at Kapiti Womens Centre education class