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The Lungs of the Planet are in perfect Harmony with all living beings. Just like the music of Bach or Mozart, perfect harmonies that seem divinely crafted by a genius ear and mathematical sensitivity. Metaphysics likewise is perfect in its ability to tap into the Cosmos and the Heaven – Earth – Man realm. The connection is not separate from us, we are part of this wonder.

We can actually tap into this pulse of the energy from the earth and bring it into the home.

How do we do this? Simply, by awareness. Like those perfect Bach Violin Concertos, you are transported and tuned into the parts of the brain where the sublime touches our senses.

The earth breathes in rhythmic pulses of energy. We can get in touch with these rhythms by paying attention to water, the seasons, the full moon.

Suggestion: Play music(perhaps Bach or Mozart) in your home. This will help the energy to flow. Music is the ‘Water Element’ in Feng Shui- let flow come in through the front and circulate to penetrate the whole house. Let your House breath in the organic possibilities.

The Water Element – Flow. The Air Element – circulation.

Playing music in your home helps the energy to flow Feng Shui NZ Equate Aligned Environments