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Doorways are a portal between worlds – your inner life and what is beyond.

We spend a lot of time dreaming of the next chapter of our life. We look for new paths which hold other options and perhaps possibilities of adventure and advancements. What if you plan this space so this can evolve? Paying attention to your doorways will help you focus where possibilities are realised so you can invite opportunities for things to materialise 

The threshold is where energy is exchanged. All energy arises from your surrounding environment and the quality of what comes to you relates to the extent of what you are tapping into. 

This dynamic can be confusing especially if you have pristine interior spaces, but sadly the potential flow of chi is unavailable and blocked. You will know this because the blockage will also surface in your personal life. The key to resolving this is to work out where this energetic leak is being neutralised. Hmm, you may ask how is this possible? 

Nature works in cycles and spirals, not a linear transfer as we know it. Awareness of this is learning how to recognise what you are ready to receive. This may not be what you asked for, the outcome may be even better and trusting this is key.

The environment is governed by the Cosmos, the Stars and the Moon–the same cycles that navigators used to circumnavigate the globe. Metaphysics is a science and understanding the dynamic of this is beyond reasoning but it is exciting if you can let go and invite it in. 

The need to know doesn’t always serve you but learning how to feel energy is the master stroke. Open up those doors both from your inner living spaces out but also the doors to your Heart. Enjoy this freedom, this is true connection.

What can you do when you are brave enough to be curious about opening that door?

  • Open the front door daily. No matter what the weather, open it even for 5 minutes. Let this symbolic action be a ‘welcome,’ like waiting to greet a loved guest. 
  • This action is a positive step to asking ’What else is possible?’ Today I will just allow things to come to me without struggle without effort. 
  • Remember all energy flows from the environment. Is the threshold of the doorway clutter free and surrounded with thriving plant life? 
  • Timing is everything and realise that things will appear in perfect timing and you are seeding the possibility for change. It’s your dedication to the vision for your life.