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There is no denying it. With Feng Shui, you need to ask yourself some big questions.

Showing Up emotionally is about nurturing and valuing the real connections in your life.

In comparison, in your work life Showing Up is not as straight forward.

Personally, I am ready to ask myself the big questions,

—What is holding me back from really living the good life?

—And how best can I promote Equate Aligned Environments Feng Shui Services and the Essential Healthy Home must-have box?

It’s a big ask, but so needed. And now is the appropriate time to be real and to promote Feng Shui as the perfect tool for keeping you present and focused. This is where I can add most value, and this is my focus.


—What do I not know or want to admit about myself?

—What is out of alignment in how I run my business that needs to be more relevant and the core of what I want to achieve?

Being an Introvert, this to me is all very confronting. But this is mind clutter that I need to clear. It feels like opening a can of worms. But I’m very sure in the 2021 workplace this is something in urgent need of attention.

I need to be brave and reboot my thinking. There is no hiding under a pile of learning. It’s time to step up, be of valuable support to my audience and become a thought leader.

Now I would not have said that last year. But what Equate offers is so vital for recognising our place is our rock, our shelter and where personal truism can grow and show up. This, in our home spaces, is so needed.

A field of red incense sticks in bundles makes an elegant wavy pattern

Arising from the rubble, a photo of a public sculpture in Christchurch commemorating the Christchurch Earthquake big columns supporting garden platforms - acknowledging what has been and looking at new ways forward

This all leads on to the very important questions:

—What do you want in your life? Genuinely want?

—Where is the shift in attitude needed to support your showing up?

Maybe just being honest is all that is needed. Maybe accepting something in the past is going to be the catalyst for where you are heading.

Here is a photo taken not long after the Christchurch Earthquake, a site where prior a multi storey office block stood. The brilliance of these visionary sculpture pieces (constructed with materials from the site) surged with such elegance it took my breath away. From brokenness came vision, became looking to what can arise from crumbled twisted steel, became something powerful and heartfelt.


Photographer behind the camera in a field of flowersShowing Up asks so many questions. It’s time to check your responses. I suggest you photograph your thinking and record some of your discoveries. Remember this doesn’t have to be logical or understandable – just a glimpse of what ‘Showing Up’ means for you. Is it brave or instinctive? Is it raw and defining your dreams?

Have a play with this and say Yes to new possibilities.

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