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Have you noticed that in certain areas of your home you just feel supported?  Your happy place–we all have them–certain chairs, certain sunny reading nooks or maybe it is your kitchen bench? Feng Shui gives you answers to the Whys. And it can guide you if you haven’t created the Why yet. 

A Feng Shui Alignment walks you through the significance of the different zones in your Living Spaces and how you can personalise areas with purpose. We are all different and have various ways of feeling grounded and at home, it is something we don’t pay a lot of attention to but unconsciously we do seek out that spot for Me Time.

Animals are a perfect example of this, they always find the most comfortable, sunny corner. But there is more to than just warmth. Animals are in tune with the energy lines that vibrationally run through your home. Cats are different from dogs. Dogs sit on meridian lines and often balance and correct distortion. Cats, on the other hand, are just energy junkies.

Feng Shui is about feeling.

We are no different. We do sense energy spots. I often talk to people and they say, “I don’t like that area, I don’t feel drawn to that space,” or “I don’t sleep in that room”. Fascinating, how in tune we are but have never questioned our Intuition.

There are reasons for this: your Home is oriented to Polar Directions, for example North/South/East or West and the differing degrees between. Making the Facing direction of your home the pointer on a compass. Now we Humans have our own honing device, our Birth, Time and Date and from that can discern your personal favourable direction.

When I point this out to people they again know and are aware of this: for example I am a ‘Westie.’ Most people instantly recognise their alignment but have never considered that it has any bearing on them personally. But it does, and an Alignment points this out for not only you but for all the family members. Cats excluded.

Know yourself, know your space. Let that space support you.

Knowing where to: Sleep, Relax, Think, Mediate, Create and Socialise is what Feng Shui targets. It’s the best health benefit you can give yourself and the awareness mindfully opens you up to a fuller richer existence.

Book a Feng Shui Consultation so I can take you through the process– What are you waiting for?