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We are multi-sensory beings and use just a small portion of our gifts. This is why I love Metaphysics, there is some much more to us then we tap into.

Photographing both ideas and what appears around us opens powerful newness within us. Explore what this means for you by writing about your photographs as if you are the grand designer. Ask what would you do if you had no boundaries, no money worries, no urgency about the timeframe?This is your inner compass another voice that has been silent but always guiding you to be more.

Take time to venture into this world.

There may be resistance. You may say,

“But I am not artistic”

“I’m a matter-of-fact person”

“I’m a pessimist”

“I have a strong inner critic that always overrides anything that arises around change.”

We all have these voices. And we can all dream about another paradigm. 2021 is a perfect time to be a little silly and try another approach. None of us know what is ahead anymore. Being conservative will not necessarily protect us from the pending global changes.

2021 is a perfect time to be a little silly and try another approach.

The one thing that people comment on time after time is that they loved lockdown. Time for the family, time to cook and be together. Embracing the whole work-from-home norm happened. Families worked and learnt to juggle home schooling children and we learnt to be kind. Funny how we forget but so much good came from this time. New Zealanders learnt that we live in a rich, fortunate country packed full of opportunities if you just change your thinking.

Altering your thinking is not easy and I am not making light of it. What I am leading into is Feng Shui helps you to know more about your naturally given gifts.

We are all made up of differing key elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire) these taken according to your astrological birth date.  Elements that relate to the Year, Month, Day and Hour of Birth. The combination of the individual elements is your Astrological Personality.

The reason why I asked you to photograph what is around you and to dream about different possibilities is what talents you think you have maybe learnt or habitual. Astrologically you are so much more. With Feng Shui hand-in-hand with metaphysics you can tap into a whole range of other possibilities.

What help was this for you? If you need help please make contact