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We are all connected and it’s time to look differently at two big things:

  • how we relate to each other and
  • to focus on self-nourishment.

Both key in this big shift that we are being presented with. The Covid-19 has taken hold so quickly and urgently, we all in disbelief at how the whole world can be brought to its knees. Amazing how what has been generated has come from the environment in the form of a virus spinning all human authorities onto the back foot.

In the Feng Shui world, this has been forecasted as planetary and earthly vibrations are fractured. Its like a beautiful sunset generated from the depth of the earth’s connection to the sun, moon and stars. I compare it a sunset because this is an example of how our planet is self-correcting and we are being exposed to its awesome authority.

What can you do to keep our families safe and well? The Health Sector of the Home is the Kitchen, the central hub of the House. It’s here we prepare hearty food and where the family gathers. This is exactly what the virus is demanding of us. Keeping our immune systems vibrant is one of the best defences against Covid-19.

Some behavioural suggestions to focus on:

  • Declutter and clear all the bench and table surfaces
  • Eat together at a table
  • Prepare food with love
  • Prepare vibrant fresh food
  • Fresh air circulating your kitchen spaces
  • Drink water (not chilled) continually preferably not with meals
  • Keep active
  • Keep your thinking free of fear
  • Send love to the planet