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The vibrancy of summer is about to fade, and a change of season is upon us. Autumn, my favourite season, is unfolding. It’s like a celebration — where we see Nature at its most colourful.

A magical time to celebrate. We see summer’s Yang Fire energy soften with autumn’s Metal element stepping up in to play.

What does this mean for us in terms of energy and vitality?

Charisma, magnetism, attraction are all embodiments and properties that are reflected by the Metal element.

Metal is mandatory in terms of energetic potency. It has the power to bind all the other elements together and unites them to stimulate personal strength:

Strength of Character – Strength of Purpose – a Healthy Immune system.

When we understand energy, we recognise we need this strength to sustain us through the winter months. Now like the animal kingdom, we gather resources for times ahead. Some think of this as a mental intelligence — but it’s just being mindful to prepare for the journey ahead.

But in the meantime, autumn is a wondrous time. The colour, the produce- the grapes ripening on the vines, mellowness and savouring the longer shadows.


So, what do we want to gather for the times ahead?

We can bring collected items into the home. Rounded or oval shapes are the most relevant, round stones found on the beach, lovely autumn leaves, for example, the wonderous purple leaves of the copper beech, hydrangeas for drying, or the dahlias which always flower right into the early winter months.

Things that represent gathering really boost our immune system because it invigorates and strengths mental connection. Collecting and bringing in the Harvest into your home reinforces the bringing of the outside in. That conscious awareness that all energy originates from the environment. It is our greatest source of Chi dynamics.

Use the metal element for self-nurturing

The home is our inner world. We can use the metal element for nurturing self.

Use the colours silver, grey and black. All metal colours will attract the positive energy that matches Autumn’s sharpening.

I use the word sharpening because this is one of the main properties of metal. Discipline and organisation are key. Our routine changes as the light into our spaces dim, so keep doors and windows open during the day. Pull the curtains at night and light your candles. The glow of flickering light dances to the tune of hugging the vitality that you gathered during the day.

Autumn’s wondrous glow – letting go and gathering in.