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This morning’s earthquake was a wakeup call in more ways than one. When the ground moves, we feel vulnerable and a little mortal. Our immediate instinct is to ground ourselves or find a secure doorway. It’s funny when you know what to do, but still go through the process of being confounded by the unknown. The morning cuppa set aside as we gather ourselves and check that it’s safe to venture from our frozen stance. 

We certainly are going through the learning that Mother Earth is speaking. Teaching us that it does not take much to rattle us from our complacency. Jarred from routine, with a sharpened awareness to expect aftershocks. Do you have that swaying at sea feeling? Our sensitivity shows we are certainly still on high alert.

What does Feng Shui offer? For me personally, it is to go with the perceived threat of uncertainty and breathe. Draw in air and take deep long breaths right down into your stomach. This keeps the mind still and you can reason what to do next.

Feng Shui is based on the recognition that the planet operates on the Heaven/ Earth/ Man theory.  In other words what is happening in the stars and the heavens at a particular time, what is being activated by the heat of the Earth’s core, and us mortals that are being directly affected by a force out of our control.

Invisible forces are always going be there and strong in this Year of the Metal Rat. We can expect more unpredicted during 2020 and with Covid 19 still very much on our minds the need to strengthen our mental learning is important. Feng Shui uncovers your personal core strengths–knowing more how you as an individual operates, your strengths, what makes you wobble and recognising all this is learnt behaviour. Things like: are you an individual thinker or need group dynamics to resolve issues or require support when facing unpredicted events? It’s really empowering when we can plot Heaven / Earth responses in a chart and see where and when we require to focus on self-development and when favourable planetary vibrations are available for us to tap into.

But today’s Earthquake was about immediacy. What is your response when uncertainty arises? Where was your thinking?


Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash.