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Placement of strong organic features like this large marble rock can be an important way to ground and slow down energy. This very sensual piece is directional and seducing. It’s a great demonstration of how choosing the right touchstone can bring numerous energetic properties to a place.

1. Connection to that space. Look for featured items in your space and ask yourself why you have placed them where they are. Perhaps that spot has great morning sun? Or does it offer a wow factor on the path leading to the house’s front door? Is that space calling for something dynamic to compliment a naturalistic background? All of these can accomplish the same outcome – slowing down the energy and invigorating that location.

2. Directional support. What is the compass direction of the location in question? What insights can this give us? As an example – the North-East direction (in the Southern Hemisphere) supports self-knowledge and spirituality. The directional element is Earth. Each of these are positive for contemplation purposes. So if you are considering a spot for reflection, this would be an appropriate placement.

When considering placement of substantial features, refer to the Bagua Map to give you reasoning behind your positioning choices. This will personalise and strengthen what is required for this space. When implemented, that spot will come alive resonating with chi.

I am sure you have had times when you have questioned what sculpture, art work, plant or feature is perfect for a particular spot. It is often a luxury. But when the time is right, it is these touchable connective drivers that can really bring enjoyment to time spent in that space.

Placement - the importance of purposeful touchstones

Energy Exchange

Placement of the items you love will have a deep resonant effect on your spaces and those who come into them. This has to do with the Feng Shui principle of Energy Exchange.⁠

Exchange is the energetic giving and receiving. Everything gives off and receives energy. Flow. There is a constant transaction of energy flow between objects and people.⁠

Everything in your home has been chosen by you or another family member. There is memory attached to each object. For example, a present or something you fell in love with. Or it could take you back to a negative situation and to have that around you is depleting. The same goes with nature you may hate where you live or the garden is a jungle – this again is an energetic distraction.⁠

Moments sitting with the warmth of loved objects is pure synergy – pure Feng Shui – purely being in the moment. The more you are aware of what is around you the more mindful you are about placement.⁠

Embracing Feng Shui supports choices you make when decorating your living spaces. This is not about materialism, it is about vibrational resonance – the exchange.⁠

Feng Shui makes arranging items within your home fun and achievable and you get to choose vitality over mediocrity. ⁠

Get the Feng Shui Support You Need

A Feng Shui consultation with Equate’s Rosemary Nelson can create positive energized spaces that are supportive and nourishing. Please get in touch so we can discuss your needs.