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The pause after Clutter Clearing and Space Clearing is such a delicious moment. Ceremony has a powerful way of opening up a void, a space for reflection to honour the point of where things can change. This nakedness reveals the truth and the information for both you as a practitioner but also for the client to open to the issues that are playing out in their life.

I have been observing that it is at this point, you as the professional go into solution thinking mode: looking for correct placement or relevant answers and solutions to ascertain the direction forward. This is especially true after clutter clearing. But why not stop and just be in that moment -allow -acknowledge the silence before taking appropriate action.

Deepak Chopra talks about the gap the ‘Field of Possibilities’ and it is this I wish to explore. The gap, the silence after ceremonial work can provide the potential to organise the details of what is possible, it is a place of rawness and vulnerability where letting go is required. Breathing new life is relevant here and aligning this to the centre of the home environment – such a tool. But not only this, this same energy crosses over to the human psyche and affects every cell in the body. This gap is like cosmic spring cleaning – what a great thought, and creates the room for change and surrender to all that is possible.

My instinctive reaction is to look to the East- the Direction of New Beginnings and to nature and how its rhythm has a myriad of answers. The Wind Element: with its ability to soar, the freshness of the dawn and participation in watching the day unravel to rising energies. The awakening of the sun, the dawn chorus, flowers unfolding releasing the smells of the freshness of the new day. The North American Indian believes that the East represents the meeting and discovery of your Spirit, where the cellular memory of your DNA, your Ancestors and the Soul’s dynamics are accessible. Put this all together the unfolding of ‘what is’ composes great music for the spirit and the thinking of what is possible for your client ignited.

Spaciousness – The point of creation is also the point of knowing what is required for the situation in hand, where your inner healer can recognise if you are dealing with fractured earth energies, past occupancy issues, chemical man-made imbalances and with Bagua placement what will harmonise the dweller’s physical, mental and situational discord.

What a privilege it is to be involved in this work where the cosmos and the heavenly realm have solutions and when the Spaciousness tool is implemented provide you with vital information you can tap into. But it is also that gap that ‘Field of all Possibilities’ where magic happens, change can be realised and healing accessible.


This article first appeared on the Interior Alignment Facebook page.