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Feng Shui is a way of designing harmonious living spaces that nourish and enrich your life. Placement of the ‘Bagua’ harnesses existing energy flow (chi) to create spaces that become a full expression of who you are.

By understanding that within the home are areas that represent your health, your wealth, career and your relationships and with attention to the different spaces energy flow is activated.

One of the tools to do this is by introducing the 5 elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water in complimenting or correcting combinations.

Earth element

Grounds and strengths our connection to the Earth, it also holistically accesses our Chakra System and centres our body.

Wood element

Represents new beginnings, correctly used supports personal growth and direction.

Fire element

This strong Yang energy activates movement, aliveness and revitalisation.

Metal element

In the form of Copper, Silver, Gold and Bronze adds form and structure.

Water element

Gives life to an environment. Its flowing properties add calmness and tranquillity, Water also represents Power and why it is often placed as a central focus in the home.

Want to know how the Five Elements can help you achieve your goals?

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