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We are not alone so the challenge is getting everyone on the same page.

Our homes resonate energy and understanding the importance of this is measurable. So how do we accommodate everybody’s needs in the overall scheme of things?

An energy alignment can actually untangle this and give you information on why relationships don’t flow. In contrast, it’s good to question why our good connections are flowing too. It’s it a good chance to ask: can we have more of this, please? Repeat, repeat what’s working and ease will flow.

Take the time to stop and think about this, even just a little. You will soon realise that you can manipulate energy and deflect stagnant dead spaces. This is not a difficult thing to do. When our body lacks vitamins and minerals, we act on it. We can be as instinctive about what’s around us.

People often say to me it’s too hard to organise and cater for everyone’s needs. Clients may consider changing things impossible. They are thinking about structure, individual rooms, moving furniture and individual behaviour. My advice is to just change one area that’s important to you. Do something that will uplift your thinking and behaviour. Others will soon sit up and take notice. You will feel more in control and that’s an energy shift in itself.

When I point out obvious small adjustments, I get a smile. It’s not that people don’t recognise what’s needed. Sometimes we are simply unsure as to the importance of good energy flow in your home.

Start with something small like planning your week’s wardrobe. You will be amazed at the power planning has in the morning rush hour.

Your home is your inner world so make it smile!!!