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Do you get caught up in the small stuff too?

Wanting to be the master of everything but being weighed down by the small stuff – the emails, cooking dinner, keeping everyone happy?

Planning Equate’s focus for 2020, I realised I still have past goals that needed to be reinvented. I’ve found the need this year to step back and really question the direction of Equate and how I can stay current with the needs of my clients. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I can change Equate’s focus to what I’m being called more to do – teaching clients how to apply Feng Shui principles to achieve their goals.

Old but new

Equate Aligned Environments is a Feng Shui Design Business, and since it has been operating—over five years now— metaphysics has become more relevant and understood. This is very pleasing and allows me a bit more freedom in my approach. The next step takes the same old offerings but with a more palatable, simplified approach.

This is what I want to offer: ways to educate you to really see the relevance of utilising and embracing the available energetic flow that you can tap into. Not some magical fix. But fresh ways to harness what’s right there in your environment available to be activated.

I want to show you how vital this is for your health, your thinking, your success.

I want to give you some pretty amazing tools for 2020. Skills appropriate to match the vibrancy this new decade is inviting us into.

How am I going to do this? By offering more personal or small group mentoring.

Introducing Mentor Me – small group Feng Shui mentoring

This will involve pairing clients up with a partner or a small relevant group so that a targeted issue (can be more than one goal) can be tested and measured. This way you really get to see how Metaphysic works! It’s like tapping into the available Wi-Fi. Clear goals aligned with the correct current location. Exciting!!

Small Group Feng Shui mentoring allows you to self-monitor outcomes and have a buddy for company and motivation. I check your progress and offer advice on what is surfacing for you on a regular basis. This can also be offered as one-on-one sessions if you prefer

It’s not necessary to Feng Shui the whole house for this programme. Just the specified zones will be enough.

I’ve had a wonderful start with this Mentor Me programme and I’m really encouraged by the response and keenness of those involved. For me, this is really meeting the need for having the time to personally streamline peoples understanding of how to take their goals and plug into the metaphysical Wi-Fi. I am very excited about what is unfolding with this programme and the opportunity to teach people the benefits of Feng Shui.

The inspiration for this service came from being specific on compass directions and of course the magic 2020 is inviting us into. Trialling this personally with precise accuracy and testing the boundaries, gave me in-depth clarity on how and why Feng Shui is a powerful asset when it comes to a healthy supportive Home Environment

This Mentoring service is not designed to cover all aspects of Feng Shui – just a personal way to narrow down what works for Goal Setting. See below for more services.

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Equate will still be offering Consultations and Workshops during the Year


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