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I can so vividly remember the year 2000 and here we are now stepping into another decade – 2020. Wow, how times goes. I’ve been remembering what I have achieved over these 20 years but also acknowledging several heartfelt intentions that are yet to be activated. I have asked myself, is this because of timing or fuzzy planning? Usually for me, planning for the year forward is about putting steps in place as a critical path. But for some reason, I really want to gather in those elusive past goals and redesign and reinvent them with a clearer intention. It seems daunting but what are dreams for if not for purposeful possibilities?

As from February, we are heading into the Year of the Metal Rat. Rat is the first of the 12 animal signs. It is also a Grand Duke Year. In Chinese’s metaphysics, each year has a governing Animal Sign alongside one of the Element. This relates to the star alignment. So why is this important?

It is about the vibrational energy that, like a transmitter, affects us. Some are favourable rhythms others you seem to be swimming upstream. How can we use this understanding if you align with the Rat and the Metal energy – my suggestion is to do more in this coming year and your efforts will be supported, rewarded and multiped.   

You can look up your birth chart here

If there is a clash vibrationally with your signs, do less but with more purpose. Grow stronger internally, regroup and set fresh goals while still taking advantage of the strong vitality of the Rat energy. Spiritual growth during this year is all about growing in self-confidence.

Knowing Metaphysic Biorhythms doesn’t change anything if you do nothing. You still need to plan and be decisive in your thinking and actions> Otherwise nothing will change. The strategy for this year is the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively when the opportunity arises.

The positive things to look for in 2020

About networking

The Rat is a sociable animal and works in groups. It’s very family-oriented and very, very cunning. It knows opportunities when they arise. Go out and mix this year. Target business and personal networking, and group socialising. Incorporate volunteer social work in the mix. So, if you are a Hermit get dressed up and venture out. Opportunities are not only on social media but good relationships and people connections where you are SEEN.


In this Grand Duke Year, be committed to your goals. As I said earlier, goals may need revisiting with a fresh perspective and vitality. Change your goal setting to a different format and start with what you want in big CAPITALS. Be the General of your life and have confidence in what unfolds.

Growth Plan 

Well informed

This year is not a year to be shrinking violet. Networking, social work or family bonds and importantly have weekly /monthly steps in your diary.  You may feel you have more important things to do but being seen is key to fresh leads and knowing what’s out there. People supporting people – be part of it.


Self Confidence, we all need to polish this muscle from time to time but recognising our boundaries only comes with practice. Plan for this and know energetically when you need to say No. This year’s Metal element is perfect support for this. Embrace the properties of structure, strength and knowing who you are in order to become a successful version of yourself.


Call the shots. If you keep this clearly in your mind, then 2020 will be a piece of cake. Or perhaps a piece of cheese keeping Mr Rat happy.


Image credit: Photo by Israel Peni Unsplash.