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Find the ‘Me Time’ is what Vanessa Kenny offers at the Green Room. A Massage Therapist and Reiki Master she is dedicated to helping you achieve deep relaxation and body balance, holistic health is her gift to you and will also make up a blend of NZ Flower Essence to maintain this state of wellness.

Recently Vanessa attended one of my Feng Shui Workshops and afterwards approached me to design a Labyrinth for the small outdoor space which is directly outside her Healing Room. The space is small with limited options. But as it transpired, perfect for a design based on Vanessa’s NZ Flower Essence Constitutional (birth) Tree, Fern and Seed. I am a NZ Flower Essence Practitioner and excited about combining my knowledge of Feng Shui, Labyrinth design and the literal fusion of the Flower Essences to energise this space.

The Silver Fern became the inspiration for the pathway (Vanessa’s Birth Fern). A central heart of the space was located by dowsing which grids the space to the electromagnetic field of the earth and from which the Koru shape elegantly twists and grows around. The Silver Fern supports heartfelt trust and self-acceptance and to walk this softly barked shape in mediation will be a gracious way to release emotional issues that perhaps have surfaced during or before Therapy.

The Labyrinth can be viewed from inside the Healing Room. The two spaces will be energetically and kinaesthetically linked and anchored with an aged beaten copper plate that is etched with the Green Room’s Celtic logo and becomes the heart of the Koru design.

The copper core generates like a transmitter, holding the energy of the North /South/ East/ West coordinates – thus activating the chakra system of the ground. The vertical axis of the sky above and the earth below likewise lock centrally through this core. To explain – the North point has been set to face Kapiti Island and to the South the Tararua Ranges, this also bringing it into alignment with Matariki (Pleiades) the Constellation plate that is etched with the Green Room’s Celtic Logo and becomes the heart of the which marks Maoridom’s New Year and cycle of Life and Death.

All we could say was WOW when Vanessa and I paced out the Labyrinth. We did debate whether to spiral the Koru to the right or the left and body dowsing revealed the right turn was tapping into the magnetic field of the space.

Vanessa from The Green Room Kapiti_Equate_Feng_Shui_NZ20160120_141845 (1)_edited

Vanessa’s NZ Flower Essence tree is the Kauri. A recycled Kauri seat will be located at the arrival point where you can sit facing north and spend quiet moments letting go of what intention you brought into the Labyrinth. Behind you, as you ponder, a Houpara (Pseudopanax lessonii- Vanessa’s Constitutional Seed) will be planted by the entry to the walk. Houpara represents compassion and empathy – the NZ Flower Seed Collection are about restoring the master pattern for living so perfect for new beginnings.

Further referencing to the language of the NZ Flowers Essence Collection just unfolded; Pratia (empathy), Parataniwha (the Shaman), Clematis paniculata (white light), Hen and Chicken Fern (Strength) are all dotted around the spiral as are Celtic plants: Roses, Rosemary, Hollyhocks. The weaving of the two worlds just felt right for this fusion. As is the setting of the co-ordinate standing stones, river rocks sourced from Otaki Forks and meaningful Crystals holding the intermediate co-ordinates, just like an Ancestral Mandala.

What a great joy to be part of this project. I loved the referencing and activation of universal energy on so many levels. The next stage construction and placement of the Labyrinth – it is going to be awesome……

Equate_Feng_shui_Labyrinth_design NZ-The Green Room Kapiti

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