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wet_Equate_Feng_shui_NZHas my health got anything to do with how I live – I am often asked this question.

The answer to this is simple: what shows up in the body can more than likely be traced right back to your living environment. The home mirrors us and we mirror the HOME. Both are living, breathing and evolving organisms.

You find peace in the home – it will show up as ease in your Solar Plexus. Relationship discord will show up in your Sacral Chakra with Hormone or Endocrine issues – blockage. If this is the case then look to the relationship zone and get curious as to why this is an issue.

The interplay with how we live and the fluidity of our body is fascinating. You just need to look to indigenous cultures to see they really understood this. Ease and disease are so connected to our emotions and the Auric Energy field around us. They treat the 7 energetic vibrational layers surrounding you for answers to wellness and DIS-ease.

Interestingly, blockage in our body often becomes a reflection of an environmental imbalance. It may be in the electrometric field of the earth, or maybe where the home is situated. Negative attachments from former owners and past land ownership disputes could be the cause.

I open up these issues to point out that we do feel the vibration of our living space. People do notice that they avoid certain parts of their home.  So why is this? Because we are sensorial beings, some more than others. And we do take on negativity that doesn’t belong to us.

Look to the obvious

Treating and unravelling the mirage of issues around health isn’t always straightforward. A Feng Shui Consultation or Alignment Action Plan is so revelling. By adding a layer of joyfulness and flow, tranquillity often balances out negativity. Another way you could approach this is by using a colour palette that is supportive and balancing. Your chakras do collate to the chakra system of the home, now this is a step in the right direction. Awareness and direction from someone who is qualified in this area is a no brainer.

Curiosity in all things

Curiosity sets you on a path of discovery. Learning how to live an aligned life is a journey. Just making one adjustment will reveal answers. The small discoveries of what works for you and also what flows for each member of the family will open up discussions that may never have happened. A new pathway has opened and the home will now become sustainably generative and growing – so make it an adventure!

Have a cup of tea and ponder this for awhile.

A nice cup of tea, a flower and a book in the morning sun beautifully summing up the feeling of NZ Feng Shui - Equate

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