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I’ve been wanting to share with you some of the back story of Equate. I wanted to be able to give you an insight into my process of arriving here ready to help you in aligning your environments with your intentions and living a magnificent life.

A career as a Landscape Designer enriched my love of working with the land. This passion developed a respect for how I approach and see my relationships with the planet we live on. I have over the years, sculptured gardens, free formed designs, followed briefs that place things on the land but blind to the fact that the planet has its own agenda and dimensional pulse. Now, waking up to this fact and recognising the multidimensional energy source of where and how we live is a design tool, has become important and relevant for my work.

Peru Quiet time - Rosemary Nelson of Equate Aligned EnvironmentsSustainability, conservation, how we recycle and conserve resources raised its head for designers to contend with, by juggling how to minimizing materials, carbon emissions, need to buy locally – all make you think ‘What is my response ‘ to the issues of Global warming.
A friend of mine encouraged me to study the art of ‘Feng Shui’, as a result adding this ancient art into my landscape planning provided the depth and impact I was looking for and ultimately how to respond to confronting environmental issues.

At first I simply applied the North / South/ East / West grid onto plans to localise and anchor my designs into the magnetic energy field of the earth. Being congruent and in tuned with the vibrational pull of the earth induced a greater sense of place and the added layer that it activates is ‘harmony’. This partnership working in cooperation with the electromagnetic synergy just works and the winner here is you.

Applying the ‘Feng Shui Bagua’ template over environments followed and again the added language that evolved between me the designer and what was energetically right for that place became an obsession. The Bagua map corresponds to areas of your home or gardens and directly relates to corresponding aspects of your life. The template originates back to the trigrams of the I Ching (Chinese book of changes). It energetically punched into that link I was seeking which was how to make designing and holistic living partners.

Recognising that your home, environment and health are all related made me see the need for offering this Feng Shui based service as a standalone package. Equate Aligned Environments is my response to this. Referencing back to your home and life situations: energy spirals out from the central core of a building or place and empowers you to be part of the energy transfer and alternately gives you back the responsibility for how to live, just seeing that if one sector is energetically out of balance and can cause a rippled distortion on other areas, can be enormously awakening.

Stepping-stonesThe application for applying this method is ‘infinite’ as is this planet we live on. Putting you back into the equation once again, our charka system of our body determines our present health, interesting enough the earth also has a charka system and by aligning the correlation of the two activates a powerful fusion. To further the 5 major elements present in the earth – Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water also compliments our health and by introducing them into your life, workplace and environments create balance that nourishes and enriches your energy field and just by this simple placement energy flow is activated.

Equate Aligned Environments offers planning for not only healthy efficient living spaces but for gardens that offer that sense of peace which I am often asked for. By finding identity in whatever environment you are changing, a different result will manifest and this is where I can help you. By empowering you to see your home, workplace and outer landscape has an energy field and correlating that vibration into your thinking is where magic begins…. so my journey will continue


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