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Manifesting with the Feng Shui ‘Bagua’ map always starts with an intention: what we want, who we are and perhaps what is missing in your life.

It is here where we can start to recognise patterns, things like richness of family, having choice, good health and with gratitude then look to the Bagua for the so-called ‘missing pieces’. This incubating stage is not to be rushed. Like all journeys being prepared and organised contributes to a successful outcome.

Start at the beginning

In Feng Shui  you start with the front door – the ‘Career’ zone. Energise this front sector with enhancements and representations of flowing water, healthy plants, the colours black, blue and white. Stage them in a way that supports and strengthens your true commitment to self.

Boosting the passion for what you do will contribute to an internal alignment and provide the drive, the courage and commitment to your unique talent and abilities. However, also recognising that your true calling may not be what you do but who you are becoming. To understand this is crucial.

How do you want to be seen?

Completely opposite the ‘Career’ centre on the ‘Bagua’ is the ‘Fame and Reputation’ zone. This is the journey’s end. Boost imagery here on how you want to be seen or who you want to become are great activators in this zone especially when portrayed in the colour red or gold. Any brainstorming activities on finding ways of highlighting your uniqueness or how to walk the talk will be magnified. This is a ‘Fire’ zone and unlike the ‘Water’ elements of the Front Door, action is the driver. What we say and the energy of what we do is what we are mirroring to the world and ultimately become

Respect the process

The Feng Shui Journey is a process and can be used for a particular goal or intimately for creating an exceptional life.