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Crystal clear thinking and intentions aligned with healthy living spaces are a surefire way of inviting prosperity and opportunities to turn up in your life. Feng Shui shows us how to bring all of this to fruition through smart thinking, instinctive living and knowledgeable design.

Clarity packs a punch in the Feng Shui world. It is about getting clear on what you want to manifest or maybe just a knowing that you need to purse a different approach.

Shifting Energy with the Water Element

Defined thinking needs a system or a ‘glassiness’ to shift energy. But also, and more importantly your focus needs to align with where in your home you can activate your goals. This is often a stumbling block and its like anything that is in the too hard basket, a layered strategy is needed. We can achieve this by activating the energetic pathways in the correct area. Then the natural energy or vibrational qualities of that location will support you to make the required emotional shift.

The glassiness in this case is the Water Element. The ever-moving properties of water are always flowing and on the move. Its fast thinking and instinctive, imaginative and resourceful living.

The Characteristics of Water: Yin or Yang

The characteristics of the Water Element can have either a Yin or Yang property. So, what’s the difference?

Yang Water is positive, visionary and moves with strong emotional impact. Yin Water is more nurturing and important for personal inner growth.

Locating and Activating the Water Pathways

If using the Feng Shui Bagua Map, the Water zone is the front door area of your Home and often described as the mouth of Chi. The element is activated by clear open spaces. Clutter or obstacles can diffuse and muddy this energy from flowing. In other words, the accessible vibrations are watered down.

This simple realisation can be life changing, and a great insight into why things are not turning up in your life.  

Flying Stars (an alternative Feng Shui method) places Water in the North, Gua No1 representing Mentors and Financial opportunities. If this direction is afflicted by internal or exterior environmental negativity, support for your goals just won’t materialise. You will feel like you are always swimming upstream. You will need more information to resolve the blockages such as looking at complimentary remedies.

How to enhance the positive effects of Feng Shui’s Water Element

Ways to control or expand the positive effects of the Water Element are helpful to know.

⦿ Water combined with the Wood Element can bolster emotional and financial growth.

⦿ The Metal element holds and is a partner to water and represents cooperation in your pursuits.

⦿ Water suppresses the passionate Fire element. This is useful to know if personal or business relationships are in conflict. But on the other hand too much water needs the warmth of Fire to boost creativity or lateral thinking.

⦿ In contrast, an over abundance of the Earth element muddies financial potential. Its inertness dulls your confidence and opportunities.

It’s a fine line to temper elements. But you will know when you have it right, support for your goals will automatically appear

Clarity supports your goals – Define the pathways

Feng Shui’s Water Element is a Pathway to Clarity

Living with clarity and spatial awareness is exhilarating if understood and implemented with thoughtfulness and knowledge. Having a shrewd consciousness of how energy has a code of interaction is an important first step in Feng Shui. Clarity supports you to recognise if a space is resonating to its full potential and you will feel it. Crystal clear thinking and intentions aligned with healthy living spaces are a surefire way of inviting prosperity and opportunities to turn up in your life.

Move closer to a life you love with the help of Feng Shui. Rosemary Nelson is a leading Feng Shui Designer ready to help you harness the energy of your surroundings to make positive impacts on how you live. Book a Feng Shui consultation today.