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A planned home – flows – it has an energetic vitality that just sings.

What is the dynamic that makes this WOW visually and emotionally accessible? The key ingredient is Feng Shui.


Implementing design that embraces the fundamentals of the ancient art of Feng Shui brings alive a home’s vibrancy. It’s by seeing the importance of recognising your home as a Living Being an ever-changing bubble of potential

Everything in your environment has energy. It all has a life force. And believe it or not, your home holistically takes on and also mirrors you – your mental, physical and spiritual intentions and dreams. This realisation is life-changing.

Giving credit to the fact that your home has a life force, gives you clues to how you can tap into the abundance of energy that naturally exists in your environment but also to what and where you can personally make changes in your life.

The Bagua

The Feng Shui Bagua Map contains the geometry that is based on how the magnetic energy fields on this planet pulsates.

The five elements represented on the Bagua work in cycles – cycles of the seasons and the cycles of natural order – birth, death and evolution. Each element has a nourishing and controlling aspect to it and by the process of recognising which elements needs to be adjusted creates the full potency of what the element of ‘Fire – Wood – Water – Metal and Earth’ can offer.

The Bagua Map also has enhancements that represent the 9 Life aspects of your personality. Your Career – Spirituality- Prosperity – Recognition – Personal and Work Relationships – Creativity and Helpful Support.

All 9 life characteristics have an individual colour and correspondingly the qualities of one of the Five Elements. All like spokes on a wheel, pivot around a central core – the Health or the main engine room of the home.

To give an example of how this works: your front door is the mouth of where all energy enters the home and an important bridge to the vitality of the energy of your internal living spaces. The entrance is situated in your Career Zone, the element here is Water – balancing or channelling how the vibration of water energetically flows into your home brings with it fresh new opportunities and prospects.

If part of the entrance into your living spaces is constricted it forms an energetic blockage – negative stagnation. This slows down the incoming life force and can manifest as breathing difficulties, career disenchantment or lack of potential opportunities. (To nourish the element of water add the Metal element – slow down fast moving flow introduce the Earth Element)

The controlling and balancing effect of the fusion of all 5 elements spins and ripples into all aspects of who you are. One affecting the other until discord is corrected and all the elements supporting and complimenting your life. This realisation so simple and so grounding.

Plan your spaces and see changes happen in your life

Equate aligned environments helps you harness the natural life force of your environments. This seamless energetic transformation is what Feng Shui and holistic living is all about.

A Feng Shui Consultation with Equate revitalises how you embrace and see your living and work spaces

Rosemary Nelson


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