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Vegetable garden at the Eden Project in Cornwall UK. Photo by Franie Treetops @ Flickr

Vegetable garden at the Eden Project in Cornwall UK. Photo by Franie Treetops @ Flickr.

A productive plot this size will feed a community. This veggie patch at Eden Gardens in Cornwall, England does just that. Really, it is the ethos of this amazing project that is inspiring. The energetic biomimicry which flawlessly copies nature at its highest level it harvests everything from water to waste, embraces ecosystems and ticks every sustainability policy known. The Global Vision for training and teaching is a model that leans into Taoists practises and visions. Read more about the Eden Project here:

You can only eat so many cabbages from your salad patch. But what is possible to mimic the visual language of this edible garden. Feng Shui gardens are all about harmony and connection, creating spaces that ground you and connect to the natural rhythms of the earth.

By planting in a circular format, you can tap into the rotation of the moon, the sun transits and the seasonal rise and fall of the temperature of the earth. You are utilising all aspects of what is available naturally. The layers of texture and colour deepen this synergy. Lighter greys hold water and darker colours dispel moisture. It is the cycles within cycles where you can experience biomimicry at play again and again.

Ready set

It is so fascinating how the natural world just does its thing. Nature doesn’t require us to teach but rather invites us to be part of the process. I just love this unfolding and imagine the taste of the produce you pick from such a plot, all that is required is our attention and love. Spade work is mandatory but we won’t go – just live the dream for now.

Circles and Spirals

Circles and spirals are connective and where the magic of permaculture springs from. The more we learn the more we understand that none of this is new. This art of Feng Shui is the same, using the natural energetic rhythms that are tried and true, but reworked so they are recognisable.

Every circle has a centre and it’s important to locate this position first. Dowsing will establish this point. A spiral can wind out to energise the veggie patch. If the centre is located on an earth energy point, it will magnetise the whole of the circular garden.

Magical or logical?

Magical or logical – it works and whatever your reference, can be exciting and enlightening.


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