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A pair of glasses sitting on top of a closed laptop. Simplicity in working_Equate_Feng_shui_NZLet’s reframe the way we make our resolutions for the New Year by creating space, abundance and light with Feng Shui design.

Every year, we plan and plot a direction forward. Rather than grand schemes that are wish lists, let’s focus on creating space so newness can grow. Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’ – a pathway. A way to what, you may ask? Well, that is a good question to ponder.

Feng Shui is about experiencing your life in an effortless way. A way where you can be active when the energy is flowing and calm when the road is blocked. Major shifts happen when obstacles are cleared and the energy starts moving once more now with more purpose and zeal.

Learn to trust the deep currents that carry your goals for action. Know when rest is appropriate. These things teach you about timing. Everything will unfold perfectly if we get out of the way.

You can create environments that align with this flow. Home spaces that can nurture and sustain your energy and where your purpose can be accomplished. Create incubating spaces for dynamism to spring from.

4 things to do right now to enhance your Feng Shui for the new year

  1. Clear the clutter from your past; 
  2. Recycle things that you no longer need or love;
  3. Go through your wardrobe and power dress for the new you.
  4. And last but certainly not the least- sort out that office space.

These invaluable tools support you to create — newness

To be —- a new vibrant you

Just begin  —–  have a happy, awesome 2016 – filled with youness


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