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7 Ways to enhance your home with harmonious energy this Christmas

Too much vibrant colour, rich food and jubilant family gatherings can be overwhelming. Here are some alternative ways to approach the festive season here in the southern hemisphere.


Take time to sit and think about what you want to mirror to your guest. Remove clutter from the entertainment areas. Be conscious of things you don’t need during this time and plan the room layout with balance and harmony in mind.

Introduce The 5 elements – Wood, fire, earth, metal and water

Add according to their characters:

  • Wood – wreaths and Xmas trees;
  • Fire – candles, stars and poinsettias;
  • Metal – white light and gold and silver tinsel;
  • Earth – ceramics;
  • Water – blue light, glass and crystal objects.

Go Green

In Feng Shui, green is the colour for healing. It reduces stress and creates peaceful environments. Cool ‘green’ balances out the ‘fire’ from excess red, glitter and diffuses exhausted energy. Introduce texture – evergreen branches, pine cones, bunches of fresh flowers, or flowering Pohutukawa cries out New Zealand summer.


Hang garlands of fresh flowers or LED lights so they swag and swoop with a smile. This uplifts the energetic flow especially when placed around the front door.

Christmas Sense

Burn oils like Cinnamon – it has a cooling and nourishing aroma. Eucalyptus and Cloves cleanse the atmosphere. Essential oils like Lavender and Ylang Ylang are welcoming


Invite guests to add a single decoration to your Xmas tree, have a basket placed by the front door with goodies for
them to choose from.

Rejuvenate yourself

When it all gets too much, regroup. Take a walk outside, unplug from the festive rush and let nature ground and recharge you.

Enjoy this special time and express you into Christmas – Shine bright

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